Yesterday nikolayevets in the downtown hoisted the Olympic colors to support athletes

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Last night, on August 7, in the city of Nikolaev on Lenin Square, at an entrance to the city hall, the national colors of Ukraine and the Olympic flag which marked the beginning 29-ых the Olympic Games in Beijing were hoisted.

The Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika, the vice-chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration V. Lusta, the deputy head of regional council V. Pashchenko participated in a ceremony of a raising of flags.

Before a raising of flags, in the performance, the chairman regional Vladimir Lusta - on behalf of all inhabitants of area wished offices of NOC of Ukraine to all Nikolaev athletes who went to Beijing, to win those medals on which they count.

It should be noted that on the Beijing Olympic Games 22 athletes from the Nikolaev area went. And it is the tenth part of all Ukrainian national team!

In turn, the chairman of NOC of the city of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika presented, on behalf of a city bulk, School of the highest sports skill the car "UAZ — the Patriot". And this time the mayor of Nikolaev didn't miss chance to sit at a wheel of the presented car.

The state and Olympic flags in honor of opening of the Olympic Games lifted local sports celebrities - the champion of the XXII Olympic Games Victor Poganovsky (equestrian sport), the silver prize-winner of the XXII Olympic Games on rowing Antonina Dymova (Пустовит), participants of the XXVII Olympic Games in Athens boxer Oleg Mashkin and Yuli Chernov's gymnastics.

After a raising of flags the skill was shown by the Nikolaev athletes.

Some minutes later the Nikolaev athletes acted as demonstration performances.

Yes, the holiday was successful! I saddened everything only one small shortcoming - citizens on this event could, and had to be more!

And time was picked up successfully, and weather had, but none of simple citizens didn't know about this action.

What to speak about citizens when even journalists managed to learn exact time of this action hardly.

Press - the service of the Nikolaev regional public administration even found it difficult to make mailing about the planned action though on it there was a deputy governor V. Lusta.

In a telephone mode, on August 6, in a press - to service YEAH reported that about such fact, in general, know nothing.

In management for physical culture and sports YEAH gave phone of the official who is responsible for the organization of this action to which, it is simple on simply, it wasn't succeeded to phone. Nobody raised a tube.

And about time of carrying out this action it was succeeded to learn only having called one of A. Garkusha's deputies.

There is a question - such big chinovnichesky device even if on such petty question anybody can't answer why is necessary.


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