Twilight of gods

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Behind each victory, i.e. behind everything that reaches the apogee, at once there come twilight of gods in which the concept of a victory is dissolved at that very moment when it will be reached.

Norbert Wiener
It was supposed that with temporary, in connection with the holidays which are playfully called by "vacation", withdrawal of deputies from hard intellectual work for the benefit of the Homeland information resource which feeds people writing will be settled. On the contrary. Sometimes even see light unusual, as today, events and statements of some celebrated personalities.

Approximately a week ago the unsinkable ex-the major Melnichenko "emerged". As - that strange it "emerges": will appear in any central MASS MEDIA, will complain that already nobody pays attention to its films, or will declare that there was one more (!) proof of crime of the power, and vanishes where - that for indefinite time. Where lives, than lives - a riddle. But this time its interview on pages of one of the central newspapers provoked very suspicious emergence in an air of the leader of Socialist party A. Moroz. Alexander Aleksandrovich declared that he never called the former president of Ukraine Kuchma the customer of the organization of murder of the journalist Gongadze. No, well as to you it is pleasant? The frost "stirred up" all this porridge on which public relations, actually, he and became the known fighter with "a criminal kuchmovsky mode", and now refuses the words. All this is suspicious …

Very much I liked incidentally overheard phrase: "… thoughts of news". I believe that it can even be taken out in a constant heading, after all it in what I and am engaged.

And so, about thoughts. I don't want to touch now upon a subject of the natural disaster which has comprehended the western regions of Ukraine. But what even at these moments charges to each other sound, both from the Cabinet, and from the Secretariat of the President, doesn't add tranquillity and confidence, that is what, besides the financial help, doesn't suffice to injured people. Especially irritate Secretariat charges of allegedly public relations of the government on the human tragedy.And Victor Andreevich, so isn't promoted, leaving to areas of flooding and standing knee-deep in water under a sight of ten video cameras? You don't want public relations, there is nothing to drag for yourself crowds of journalists from so-called "pools", that is especially approximate. And that turns out - one can be national heroes, and another isn't present?

By the way, about heroes. National. More precisely, about the deputies, urged to serve interests of the people, and therefore heroes of the parliamentary front. Some figures with which appeal in accounts department of the Verkhovna Rada emerged. You wish to laugh? All right.

The status нардепа is equated to the minister. If the deputy not the inhabitant of the capital, the state provides it with housing or compensation of it in the form of a big heap of crackling banknotes. Throughout all cadence to the deputy the free pass in all means of transport (the tram and the trolleybus are included in their number, - a bus) and a parking over all country is put. The elect needs also free tenancy for meetings with voters in districts. About 30 million from total amount "for needs of the Verkhovna Rada" are allocated for the maintenance of old official cars by which there go assistants and a press - secretaries, and purchase new. Now in vehicle fleet of parliament of 300 cars. The organization of receptions costs 2,5 million UAH in districts.

And visits нардепов abroad pull 7,5 million more from state treasury. That they there do, it isn't known to anybody. Pensions of People's Deputies reach 80% of their salary and make, on the average 20 thousand hryvnias. Happens more. Well, rest is in general sacred business! Except a deputy salary with different extra charges for scientific ranks and state awards, and other pleasant trifles, for example, financial support at a rate of two salaries, provided still money for improvement, and it on 35 thousand on each deputy. And after all cancellation of deputy privileges was put in programs practically all parties which have got to parliament. Yes, it is visible, to refuse them, at нардепов there are no physical forces neither moral, nor.

It appears to Rada it was given, obviously, to the vacation, the new bill under intriguing name "About Access to Public Information". Many people faced a problem of obtaining the answer to the addresses and letters to officials. The new law provides improbable quickness of these officials regarding replies to the requests of the letter of citizens.Five days, and in certain cases and 48 hours - any citizen will be able to receive the desired document for such term from a subsoil of power structures, in case of bill passing in parliament. By the way, under the new law, it will be possible to make an inquiry not only in the government and municipal power structures, and and to any organizations possessing socially significant information, irrespective of form of ownership. The citizen wanted to learn, for example, an exact weather forecast for a week, please, - writes inquiry to the local meteocenter and in 2 days receives the answer. In vain you smile - the weather forecast is socially significant information. It is proved by floods.

And here everything would be good, if, as always not one "but". The bill provides obligatory providing information with limited access, namely: bank, auditor, medical and even secrets of adoption. Who and as will use this information, it is necessary to guess only.

You ask me - at what here twilight of gods? I will answer briefly: it seems to me that the people who have uplifted on Olympe of the Ukrainian power and not learned with each other to get on and agree for the sake of wellbeing of the big country, are doomed to a decline of the political activity where they wouldn't emerge later. Twilight is already condensed, while only for "gods". The smell of a decay is felt everywhere … And you unless don't feel?


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