The Nikolaev city hall doesn't want to assume responsibility for construction of the trolleybus line

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For the closest session of the Nikolaev city council it is planned to submit the investment project on construction of the trolleybus line to the Ship area. 95% of the project are financed by the Czech company Inecon Group AS which will operate this line.

The deputy mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Zhenzherukha reported that on July 25 the executive committee of the Nikolaev City Council decided that this project is interesting to the city, defined the customer, the designer and will be offered by the project on construction of the trolleybus line to a depuy corps.

"The project just now begins discussion in the deputy commissions", - Alexander Zhorzhevich reported.

According to him, 95% of cost of the project are assumed by the Czech party, and 5% - the Nikolaev city hall. "In order that the project we took place have to act with the guarantee - 5% of cost", - speaks Zhenzherukh.

The executive committee determined by the developer of the project "Nikolayevkommundorproyekt". This enterprise is ready to become the investor of development of the technician - an economic justification (feasibility report) of the project. It is interesting that according to the city hall statement, we are ready to make the contribution to the project and the supermarkets located on the way to the Ship area. However, from 100% of financing of the project they don't participate neither in 95% of the Czech party, nor in 5% which will be allocated from the Nikolaev city budget.

The party which builds the line, will create joint venture, it will be commercial structure, for operation of the trolleybus line. All expenses Czech the parties assumes, and the line will be in property of commercial structure.

"We don't want to assume, to compensate this servitude. They want to put the trolleybus - we don't object, build the line, put trolleybuses, but return on you, here you operate, and you will return yourself money", - Alexander Zhenzherukha declared.

We will remind that earlier same Czech company Inecon Group AS was ready to build the trolleybus line to the Ship district of Nikolaev on the credit line as which guarantor "Ukreksimbank" acted, and after payment of the credit to give the trolleybus line to city property.

Previously, on implementation of the project 2 years, on development of the project - are necessary 6 months.

The Czech party is ready to execute construction of the "turnkey" trolleybus line: to restore the road, to establish traction substations, suspended stations, to provide electrotransport.

Fare for passengers of a route on the trolleybus line to the Ship area meanwhile isn't established, but it can be higher, than on other trolleybus routes. For today, it would make not less than 1 hryvnia. Thus the free pass for preferential categories of the population will remain and has to be compensated from the state budget.

We will remind that Inecon Group AS and "Nikolayevelektrotrans" already signed on February 22, 2006 the contract on construction of the trolleybus line in Nikolaev until the end of 2008. However the project was frozen.

"Nikolayevelektrotrans" planned to attract the loan in the Czech export bank of 26,5 million euros for a period of 10 years, under guarantees in payment of the credit of Ukreksimbank, for construction of the trolleybus line.

Delivery of object was planned at the end of 2008.

In the process of construction of the trolleybus line it was planned that the road according to the European standards will be reconstructed: "pockets" for buses and trolleybuses are created, the site of the road of long 4,5 km is expanded. the bridge is reconstructed.

Inecon Group AS works in 18 states, is engaged in production of trolleybuses, trams and technologies of processing industry.


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