The committee of rescue of "ChSZ" won't demand from the governor Garkusha of apologies

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On May 8management of Committee of rescue "CHSZ" gave a press - conference the cause for which statements of the governor Alexey Garkusha to this public organization on own a press - conferenceswereOn April 15.

On a question why so long waited in rescue Committee "CHSZ", to give the answer to the governor, the head of public organizationIgor OvdiyenkoI told that didn't want to sadden holidays coming nearer then.

So, answering attacks of the governor to rescue Committee "CHSZ"Igor OvdiyenkoI went on "points" stated then the governor.

Responding to "point" on change of flags (the governor then told: "Who believes in defenders who come with flags of those forces which in certain time supported Churkinykh and said, what the sense will be? "),Igor OvdiyenkoI declared that rescue Committee "CHSZ" Churkinykh that they weren't going to carry out the investment obligation initially accused.

"It would be desirable to know, at what stage we changed flags and supported Churkinykh, if rescue Committee "CHSZ" it was created in a counterbalance by Churkin. Where examples, what we changed flags? There are no such examples, this obvious phrase-mongering", - the head of Committee of rescue "toldCHSZ".

Also I added that initially organized rescue Committee "CHSZ" communists, but komitetchik also are now ready to cooperation with all parties and public organizations in achievement of goals - payments of debt on a salary all working at this enterprise (these are about 2,5 thousand people), repayment of debt to PFU, situation normalization with accommodation in hostels "CHSZ" and return of the enterprise to state property with the subsequent resale of the equity stake at open competition.

As for wordsA.Garkushaabout that head of Committee of rescue "CHSZ" heads branch of the Polish shipbuilding company,Igor OvdiyenkoI declared that this statement isn't true:

"It would be desirable to know, than the governor when made such statement was guided. I can't, I am not, I won't be the head of branch of the Polish company. But me today attract as the adviser, the consultant, including the Polish companies. Indignation causes also that with this question I was at the governor, arranged a meeting of representatives of the Polish companies with the governor. I am the adviser to the governor and the mayor of Nikolaev concerning shipbuilding".

Revolts the head of Committee of rescue "CHSZ" and the statement of the head of area about imitation by activity Committee, about speculation in trust of elderly people.

- Speculates with trust, including elderly people, in this case - Alexey Nikolaevich Garkusha. Because he perfectly knows that rescue Committee "CHSZ" protects interests of shipbuilders of all age, it isn't got involved in the production organization on "CHSZ". But if the illegal way delegates the power on "CHSZ" to new investors, payment of debt on a salary (and it is over 10 million UAH taking into account indexation), repayment of debts to PFU (over 30 million UAH) become simply impossible. We spoke about it to Alexey Nikolaevich, and he agreed with us. How it is possible after that to tell, what we are easy riders or konjyukturshchik? If he holds such opinion, he had to invite us in an office and tell: "That do you toil with a nonsense? ", - considersIgor Ovdiyenko.

"Garkusha Alexey Nikolaevich is not the simple person who has a name a surname and a middle name. This is the representative from the President on the Nikolaev area. Therefore we consider that he is obliged to be responsible not only for the words, but also for their compliance of reality", - told on a press - conferences the head of Committee of rescue "CHSZ". Igor Nikolaevich won't demand however apologies - he considers that if the governor has a conscience, it will make it. As head of Committee of rescue "CHSZ" won't file a lawsuit against the governor - you shouldn't be humiliated supposedly before.
But the activity rescue Committee "CHSZ" will continue in once chosen direction, I declaredI.Ovdiyenko.

- We don't prevent to work "CHSZ".We as the people having a know-how, we declare that if next year according to the schedule which hangs in an office of the director general of GAHK "CHSZ" Igor Gorn, it is necessary to hand over 7 ships, all these 7 ships have to be today in production. And if they not in production, we only turn on this attention that the schedule becomes unreal. If today according to this schedule vessels have to be put, and nobody works at repair of building berths, we turn on this attention. Nobody cuts metal. Cranes are sealed by the Gosgorpromnadzor. To us and Churkina drew schedules, told, how many vessels will hand over. But not in it business. If the working plant - Let it pass, with this state isn't necessary to the state, - toldI.Ovdiyenko.


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