According to the mayor "RUSAL" in that is guilty that the Ship district of Nikolaev can be deprived of heating

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Now the big alarm in the city authorities of Nikolaev is caused by disorders and problems which can arise (and prerequisites already are) with heating of the Ship area. About it today, 13-го August, the mayor Vladimir Chaika declared.

It is guilty in the arisen situation, according to the mayor, the Nikolaev aluminous plant (the present name - "Russian aluminum", i.e. "RUSAL").

- Last year the aluminous plant appealed to admit their boiler room to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and the City Council in municipal city property. We conducted examination, the commission which defined was created that transfer of this important social object can happen only to a condition of return of funds for its further restoration. We set such task for aluminous plant and considered that they have to transfer 21 million to the enterprise in order that it prepared further for capital repairs.

However the aluminous plant ("RUSAL") categorically didn't agree with such statement of a question. To the city hall address, according to Vladimir Chaika, letters in which NGZ positioned itself approximately so were sent: "We won't give you a boiler room, we will serve it. Or take it without conditions which you now to us lay down. We give one and a half million to you - and take away a boiler room".

- We can't take such huge object with threat of its tomorrow's closing or an accident condition.

Further the answer from aluminous plant (literally according to the mayor) came: "No, we won't give so much money to you. We counted. Kohl is the businessovy project, you take also do on it business".

- You know that we always moved towards aluminous plant, - Vladimir Chaika speaks. - Both by transfer of social and cultural facilities, and at the solution of other questions. To all spoke: "Yes, it is the social partner". Today this social partnership turns here in such threat that the half-residential district won't be heated. Including central Zhovtnevaya hospital, schools, kindergartens.

According to Chaika, the meeting was held today, and also the next meeting with the director general of NGZ Vladimir Zhmurkov and representatives of a gosgornadzor will take place. The situation becomes aggravated that:

- The boiler room with 1992-го isn't put years into operation, and conversations on its acquisition by absolutely other firm already are latently had. It means that firm, acquiring this property, forces to the knees all our community and, in particular, the Ship area. With what we can't agree. Therefore we now sent letters to Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine, prosecutor's office.

Problems from a boiler room - not the only thing of what the mayor accuses "RUSAL" - NGZ.

- We from the wood didn't call a wolf, - he speaks. - Environmental pollution, ore overload on estuary territories, estuary pollution, emissions in the atmosphere... I think that here the depuy corps more than ever has to show the unity and adherence to principles...


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