Alexey Garkusha intends to go to Koblevo!

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The situation with koblevsky beaches this summer became one of hot topics for the Nikolaev mass media. Information on the events in Koblevo collected gradually, but recently events started developing more roughly - especially after publication of the address of directors of recreation facilities of the Koblevsky zone in which other point of view expressed.

If it is more concrete, the director of bases were revolted that didn't allocate with him a beach in rent (in proportion to the areas which occupy bases) that the beach is rented to firm with the Odessa registration that now on a beach it is impossible to pass as the beach is cut on "monkey houses" (a grid - the chain-link protected pieces of a beach, including the grid comes and into water, and this all V.I.P is called. - zone).

With a request to comment on this address and in general a situation to Koblevo journalists addressed to the governor Alexey Garkushe on taken place on August 13 a press - conferences.

As it became clear, the governor wasn't in Koblevo, and therefore so-called "monkey houses" didn't see. But, probably, will see soon as over a trip to Koblevo thinks.

For the rest, the governor introduced the idea that the koblevsky coast (and other vacation spots where there is no owner) represented "a wild beach": the garbage buried in sand on a beach. Beaches weren't equipped. But on option which was offered by heads of recreation facilities, the governor explained, couldn't go as the same experience already was in Iron port, and in that case access to a beach wasn't got by the recreation areas located in second - the third line (i.e. in the most favorable conditions there were only those zones, whose territory is directly joined to a beach).

If to speak about doubts of directors of recreation facilities in legality or compliance to the legislation of the made decision on transfer to temporary use of nearly 9 hectares of the koblevsky coastline of state of emergency of "AAS", how the governor assured before agreeing on this option, compliance to legislation requirements was worked.

- The earth is transferred to temporary use, and no more.Today the beach zone is available to all - and that who has a rest in the first line, and that who has a rest in the second - the third line. If there is V.I.P. or not V.I.P. it, certainly, nonsenses because isn't present обоснованнос


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