The Nikolaev governor Garkusha "declared war" Baloge?

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The chairman of the Nikolaev regional public administration Alexey Garkusha accused the deputy on Arkady Kornatsky's agro-industrial complex of incompetence and declared that that doesn't own a situation and doesn't cope with objectives. It everything was sounded by Garkusha on today's a press - conferences.

We will remind, at the beginning of this week, A. Kornatsky declared that considers A. Garkusha's decisions on transfer of beaches in resort zones of the Nikolaev area illegal. As A. Kornatsky noted that about 400 thousand hectares of the land plots of area are processed in a shadow way.

Responding to these statements, the governor on a press - conferences declared the following: "Attacks from its party have under themselves no bases. We gave it term to understand a situation, but today its position was wrong. It doesn't possess information, it the set of wrong decisions is accepted. It is our trouble and I think that soon it will be resolved".

Interestingly, on what the governor hinted? It in any way can't will calm down and tries to achieve the objective - to get rid of A. Kornatsky's presence at the building YEAH?

We will remind that else before Arkady Alekseevich's appointment as the acting as the vice-chairman Nikolayevskaya YEAH, A. Garkusha showed the not desire to work with it.

Then, one of meetings of board of the Nikolaev regional state administration, being still the acting as the governor Alexey GARKUSHA complained that "some political forces try to palm off on it in deputies of people at whom the issue with the Ukrainian nationality" isn't resolved. Garkusha spoke in the sense that at these political forces it will turn out nothing. (From edition: then it was a question of A. Kornatsky and as it became clear later, it with nationality at it has no problems).

But A. Garkusha was mistaken! Everything turned out! Then, Kornatsky Garkushe's candidate not who persistently recommended other, as Victor BALOGA - the present head of the secretariat of the President of Ukraine.Then that the political force which "palmed off" Garkushe "not that" the deputy - "Our Ukraine"? In view of, what Garkusha's candidate to the place of the governor pushed Baloga, there is a question - why Garkusha and then now, though it is veiled, "kicked" the benefactor?

Didn't do without scandal and in day when A. Kornatsky the first time came to the workplace in YEAH. Garkusha wouldn't be Garkusha if didn't try "to lower" the new deputy in the first day. Then Alexey Nikolaevich disposed to allocate Kornatskoma a study already on the seventh floor though deputies always occupied offices on the fourth - the fifth. For all history YEAH on the seventh one sat only Yemelyanov, but he - that just and was "a deputy on anything". It thus that at that time, offices of all former deputies of A. Sadykov were empty - Isakov, Kartsev, Rykhalsky, at that time already left. Having put Kornatsky on the seventh floor, Garkush, probably, to seek to specify to that his place and, probably, to move away the personality irritating it far away from itself.

While it is unclear that pushed A. Garkusha to make today such sharp statements, after all according to available information, Arkady Kornatsky's relationship with Victor Balogoy didn't deteriorate. And how they can deteriorate? Arkady Kornatsky long time was the regular adviser to the head of the Secretariat of the president.

So on what Alexey Garkusha now which got used to achieve always the objective and what will be Victor Balogi's reaction counts it is necessary to guess only … But it is possible to assume that V. Balogi's reaction hardly "to be pleasant" to the Nikolaev governor!

Reference:Arkady Kornatsky - the personality extraordinary. That it cost only moving from "the third Rome" - Moscow in God-2 May Day areas forgotten by Chausovo. And still court with the President of Ukraine L. Kuchma, reached Strasbourg, successful business in Russia and Ukraine, vigorous political activity.


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