Балога noticed that Tymoshenko already prepares for resignation

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The head of the Secretariat of the President Victor Baloga declares that the April indicator of inflation in 3,1% means that the Cabinet under the leadership of Yulia Timoshenko can't cope with negative processes in national economy, reported"ProAPK"press - service of the Head of state.

It reminds that last year April inflation was zero, in 2006 made a minus 0,4 percent, in 2003 - 2005 was equal 0,7%. "Therefore, keen reports of the government on recession of inflationary dynamics are premature and can console unless the credulous. Actually there are no signs of that it will be possible to overcome inflation for two - three months", - he told.

In this situation, he notes, the Cabinet of Ministers needs to bring and accept as soon as possible in the Verkhovna Rada of change in the State budget-08 with the corrected macroeconomic and social indicators, first of all, the size of a living wage. Instead, notices Baloga, for inflation control the Cabinet of Ministers accepts a number of decisions which threaten national economy with serious problems. Thus he scarified permission of the government to import foreign meat and sugar into Ukraine.

Also Baloga reported about the yesterday's resolution Cabinet of Ministers concerning introduction since September 1 of the Only scale of charges. He notes that on the budget thus additional loading in hundreds millions hryvnias for the increased salaries and social benefits which will need to be paid as a result of early introduction of ETS lays down.

"Such step can be regarded as a sign of preparation of the present government to resignation with prospect of elections. After all the Cabinet of Ministers under the leadership of Tymoshenko by all means will reckon the increased salaries in the offset as the last benefit for people. Certainly, it will be beautiful public relations - to maskings of those crisis processes which will arise in economy as a result of inefficient policy and unreasoned decisions in the fall. About responsibility, clearly, won't there be a speech", - I added Baloga.

Besides, it critically estimates anti-inflationary efforts of the government which only deepen the negative phenomena in economy, lead to economic disparities.Yes, according to him, quotas of grain and oil export as about it government officials certified the public actually aren't cancelled, today in ports hundreds thousands tons of grain are saved up, and storages and structures are filled with oil.

"Still the Cabinet of Ministers didn't offer the program of anti-inflationary, anti-recessionary actions for an embodiment. Gradually passes time for which it is possible to prevent destructive tectonic shifts in domestic economy. Certainly, it is possible to be consoled that where - that something for two kopeks fell in price, but it not to stop the inflationary train", - told Baloga.



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