Twenty days without leader

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Militias just right to hang out at stations Yanukovych's x-copied photo in a profile and a fullface with the list of special signs and a request to call on 02.

"Loss from an event context" a premiere of the oppositional government of Yanukovych - business habitual. But here absence on a match of "Miner" with Croats already guards him: whether put this matured recidivist once again?

No, really, where it - this torch and spokesmen of expectations of the oppressed proletariat of Donbass? Even Tymoshenko, it seems, managed to be calculated already - Yulia Vladimirovna has a rest to herself, having a good time sometimes the composition of greeting cards to the Ukrainian Olympians. But in that is continually that, in - the first, absence of the "ruling" prime minister at once all was evident, and in - the second, it was gone rather recently - after massive raids in the areas which have injured from a flood.

Yanukovych disappeared without message davny - long ago. The last time it saw to the company with Alexy II. It is known that after a meeting with Victor Fedorovich Alexy at all refused to go to Donbass.

But the main thing that, unlike a situation with Tymoshenko, disappearance of - on Yanukovych absolutely disturbs nobody. As though it not the person live, and so, a blank space with ears. And suddenly it was overtaken by the next trouble? Suddenly Victor Fedorovich on overseas islands again, on an old habit, "protected" the maiden from hooligans, and him already put for allegedly stolen by him at victims of melting and flippers?

No, well actually, it seems, the leader of the largest fraction of the Ukrainian parliament, the remarkable head of the family who has brought up whole нардепа, the leader of oppositional Cabinet of Ministers … And here that flood, war in Georgia, bronze and gold medals at the Olympic Games (we won't forget that in due time Victor Fedorovich combined posts of the head of the government and the head of National Olympic Committee, and even I acted at stadium in Athens as a part of the family national team), and from Victor Fedorovich greetings, council. The oppositional Cabinet of Ministers doesn't gather for a long time, members of this Cabinet of Ministers idle about.

And Yanukovych's absence on a tribune of Donetsk stadium last Wednesday is simply unprecedented precedent, after all earlier, happened, it could exchange easily the announced presence on meeting of the supporters for ordinary game of a favorite team.Not for nothing to it recently handed over a gold medal - for a victory of "Miner" in national superiority.

However the most remarkable consists in that, as in the Party of Regions don't know where their leader hid, moreover - not really - that and worry this loss. "And the horse-radish knows it! I hid, to see", - the typical answer of representatives of Party of Regions to a question of "Regional committee" which we asked more than once in recent days - after with horror saw that in a bed of guests of Donetsk stadium instead of Yanukovych in the company with Akhmetov, Kolesnikov and Bogatyreva the daughter of the president Yushchenko sits.

But, as they say, leaders disappear - the party remains! Not all party administration ran up at a signal "jiggers!" and supporters of party, in the majority, anywhere didn't get to, further beaches of Mariupol or Melekino they even on holiday have no place to move. Means, it is necessary to continue work with a masses. And this business always not simple, and now - especially. Attempt to hang up a burden of explanatory work on Anna Hermann's strong neck ended with a failure already "in qualification", being expressed on - Olympic. Ania tried to formulate "thought" that "a course of events in a zone of the Georgian - is southern - the Ossetian conflict proves also expediency of preservation of the extra block status of Ukraine", but that's it with "proofs" of this paradoxical nonsense at it as - that didn't develop.

To Anna charged to shut up, and other figures stepped on the stage. For example, unforgettable Chechetov who however, too remained is faithful to himself. It брякнул that Tymoshenko "took an ostrich's position in relation to российско - to the Georgian conflict, thereby having hidden the head in sand". We don't know, whether there is another "an ostrich's position" except "the head in sand", but anyway - well to Chechetov members of the same party right there reminded that Victor Fedorovich's "position" now same - "the head in sand". And in this pose the leader of PR looks obviously more ridiculously and even more oppositely, than Tymoshenko.

Then from an intellectual den of PR more weighed judgments began to be distributed. In statements, for example, Lavrinovich or even Yury Boyko such extreme "approval" of aggression of Russia in Georgia didn't sound any more. And even the yesterday's statement of deputies of the Donetsk City Council about "aggression of Georgia" doesn't contain uniform the word about support of Putin bandits (though, we will remind, really Kolyan Levchenko fills with this gang of elects ardent украинофоб).

But even more the position of the leader of Kiev "regionals" Vasily Gorbal surprised us.Obviously, shameful failure on elections of the kivsky mayor changed something in Vasily Mikhaylovich's representations especially as "Donetsk" "regionals" suffer it long ago hardly from - for the party list on the same elections from which Gorbal drove out children of eminent persons of PR - like Rybak or the same Bogatyreva. Yesterday g - N Gorbal published in "The Ukrainian truth" the notes under the name "For Friendship and Mutual Understanding". Despite all expected pro-Russian cliches and spells (the party membership card nevertheless obliges) Vasily Mikhaylovich dared to state in the most known in the world of mass media of Ukraine something weighed and clear to all conceiving people, - and therefore unexpected in lips of "regional". For example:

"For the last week information space was overflowed with hatred. Especially distinctly it is felt in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia …

Certainly, when one party attacks another, and another helps this the third force, there are feelings of support of one and hostility to another amplifies...

In Russia the image the Georgian and Ukrainians as enemies …

is actively formed

It is possible to force to be afraid, but sincerely to respect and love never.

Someone to humiliate desire and to offend, except rage and hatred causes nothing. Russians have to understand that the more they will hate the Ukrainians, that more Ukrainians will move away from Russians".

Alas! That these words for understanding of many other "regionals" remain inaccessible, showed yesterday's performance of another нардепа from the Ave. However, a tribune to it provided in mass media which call popular can unless the blind - in the poor Donetsk project under the name Kievan Rus' TV channel.

As we already reported, the promise of Party of Regions to block a tribune of the Verkhovna Rada if the question of increase in funds for army needs is brought was sounded on air "Kievan Rus'" нардеп from Party of Regions by Vladislav Lukyanov - to which, perhaps, it is possible to entrust only two party assignments: blockade of a tribune and theft of cards of the speaker.

After all Lukyanov led the conversation not on "embargo" on arms supplies to Georgia, than "regional" Boris Kolesnikov threatens, for example. Namely - about a ban increase in allocations at DEFENSE of Ukraine!

But here trouble: Lukyanov (typical, by the way, "the television victim" the Russian Federation about what Gorbal spoke) considers that "repeated" increase in the military budget of Georgia became the war reason in the Caucasus.Certainly, Lukyanov didn't mention the word about growth rates of the military budget of Russia which is now quite comparable to all budget of Ukraine.

In general, Lukyanov's yesterday's performance should have been shown on all channels instead of Petrosyan and Zadornov. It appears, Vlad where - that is far - far, - judging by a context, in the darling of Japan - had a rest, and after the beginning of operations in Georgia "couldn't sleep, couldn't eat". Now I started calling friends to South Ossetia and Russia where he with readiness was told about "genocide". And now Vlad as hotly retells to TV viewers of Ukraine of "news" about "thousands of victims" as though itself from Japan saw the mountain of corpses above than Fujiyama.

As Lukyanov - the father didn't explain to Lukyanov - the son that the moron to be bad (this joint-stock family all the time "saws" profit of the fire-resistant plant, ruins a cemetery so here not before education and development of skills of oral speech), Vlad proved to be yesterday true "posh" of regional scale. It appears, war in Georgia there began the USA to lift a rating of the candidate from Republican Party, Saakashvili - "the colonel of CIA", Yushchenko - "the same colonel", the facts of bombardments of Georgia by Russia - "lie". Well and as put to "ordinary FSB" infinite mantras - "genocides", "fascists", "concentration camps", "brotherly Russia", "It is necessary to prosecute Saakashvili".

Especially amusingly the story of this unfortunate which, probably, can't still understand under whom it "to mow" among "Donetsk" (whether under "clever man", whether under "mobster"), about the communication with the Japanese deputy looked. It appears, in the light of a flood in the Carpathians far from it, Vlad very much became interested how it is Japanese learned to cope with consequences of natural disasters (well that didn't begin "to bother" " questions as Japanese do cars and computers", and all holiday to itself would spoil that). And the Japanese deputy told it - and Vlad told to TV viewers of Ukraine: "I am the deputy from a hilly terrain, and we constructed strengthening works".

Strange. It seems, in parliament of Japan there are no representatives of Party of Regions. And impression such that you hear speeches of deputies of the Donetsk City Council.

It is remarkable that the silliest statements which Lukyanov afforded in an air, in party guessed to edit and today on the official site of PR a statement of its nonsense looks not so extremely. In this option isn't present words about "blockade" of the military budget. Generally, the patsanenok got excited.

No, well to whom, in nature, it is necessary that the Ukrainian military who and without that don't fatten, accurately knew, what "regionals" in the ranks of whom there are a lot of eminent persons who or from army закосили (including by mutilation), or simply stayed "urgent" in places so remote from a front line didn't give them money?

Generally, when Victor Yanukovych will dare to creep out of bushes, will be to think to him of what. Most likely, he, on - visible, now just also is engaged in it, as always slowly estimating, as though not to "fly". Especially as there were all bases to assume that in the Kremlin decided to give up as a bad job this loser eternally driven by destiny and to rely on Tymoshenko. Before such "bunko" Victor Fedorovich needs to collect the thoughts.


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