Yury Grimchak stopped abuses of JSC Donetskoblenergo

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In the Donetsk regional organization of the Civil movement "National Self-defense" inhabitants of the region repeatedly appealed to protect them from JSC Donetskoblenergo arbitrariness, reports a press - State Duma regional organization service "National self-defense".

Having studied this problem, activists of NANOSECOND found out that the staff of "Donetskoblenergo" pays the most "fixed" attention to pensioners to whom write out huge penalties. Controlers use that people of old age most often don't know the rights and can't protect itself from a vigorous impact checking JSC Donetskoblenergo.

Staff of "Donetskoblenergo" usually acts according to the fulfilled scheme. So, in 2007 controlers of JSC Donetskoblenergo came to the house to the resident of Makeyevka that in Donetsk region, Smirnova Zoya Nikiforovna. They declared to the pensioner that one of sockets in her house is connected, passing the counter, and convinced to sign the act. The pensioner disagreed, but energy drinks assured Zoya Nikiforovna that the simple formality and to any serious consequences can't lead this act.

Then this "formality" was regarded by the commission of Makeevsky electric networks on consideration of acts on the maximum rate - in 9500 hryvnias. At what Zoya Nikiforovna still in ignorance - which socket cost much to her so. By the way, Zoya Nikiforovna Smirnova is the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the veteran of work, it hardly moves. The lonely woman and itself is surprised how she manages to survive on scanty pension.

Quite recently, in July, 2008 the staff of "Donetskoblenergo" tried to cut off the wires giving to the house of Zoya Nikiforovna the electric power, but neighbors interceded for the pensioner, without having allowed electricians to deprive of it light. Next day employees of "Donetskoblenergo" accompanied by a police squad everything is cut off light.

Activists of "National self-defense" attracted to the solution of this problem of the People's Deputy of Ukraine Yury Grimchak.In order that measures for the termination of abuses of JSC Donetskoblenergo were taken, the People's Deputy addressed in the National commission on regulation of a power market of Ukraine. To the chairman of the board of JSC Donetskoblenergo the letter with the requirement to cancel illegal charge to the participant of the Second World War Zoya Smirnova and to renew it supply of electricity is sent.

The NANOSECOND Donetsk regional organization made investigation of similar cases of illegal activity of JSC Donetskoblenergo concerning household consumers of electricity.

In 2006 the electric power to pensioners was illegally disconnected To. and T. from Makeyevka. Due to the violation of their legitimate rights from outside "Donetskoblenergo" they addressed in Donetsk regional territorial administration of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine. By committee it was established that actions of the power supplier violate legitimate rights of consumers. Supply of electricity was renewed. However employees of JSC Donetskoblenergo didn't calm down. This year to the specified consumers disconnected light. Trying to resolve an issue in Makeevsky division of "Donetskoblenergo", inhabitants referred to the decision of Antimonopoly committee. But in the makeevskikh networks they were told that Antimonopoly committee to energy drinks not the decree.

For the help To. and T. addressed to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Yury Grimchak. To restore justice and to stop abuses of a monopoly position of JSC Donetskoblenergo, the member of deputy group "National Self-defense" demanded from Donetsk representations of the National commission of regulation of a power market of Ukraine and Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine to stop systematic violation of the rights of citizens in the power supply sphere.

From Crime edition. NO, we want to add that the Nikolaev deputies paid attention to that "lawlessness" which is created Nikolaevsk Regional power.


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