At City Council session the mayor of Nikolaev "played" Popandopulo

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Today, on August 15, extraordinary session of the Nikolaev city council took place. Only one question was submitted for consideration of deputies - "About assignment from reserve fund of the Nikolaev city budget for providing the financial help to the Putilsky region of Chernovitsky area, to the victim of elements on July 23-27".

The Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika informed deputies that the Nikolaev area, according to the order of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, is assigned to the Putilsky region of Chernovitsky area.

Vladimir Chaika told to deputies that a number of the enterprises of the city of Nikolaev already gave help to the Western Ukraine. In particular: "NIBULON", "Laktalis", "Sandora", "Velam".

Initially in the solution of session it was entered "to allocate 300 thousand UAH", but Vladimir Chaika, from the very beginning suggested to reduce this sum by 100 thousand UAH

This offer was made by very confused phrases therefore, some deputies understood not at once about what the mayor speaks. But then everything fell into place.

Mer reported that after councils with financial management of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies was decided to allocate 200 thousand hryvnias.

"Considering that in reserve fund only 450 thousand UAH, it was solved will share on - brotherly because until the end of the year still there is a lot of time and it isn't known on what means" will be necessary for us - Vladimir Chaika declared.

Then from lips of our mayor the phrase which, involuntarily forced all present to remember Popandopulo - the character from the known Soviet movie "Wedding in the Robin" was heard.

"We shared honestly, in half: 200 thousand to Putilsky area and 250 thousand - to us", - were told by the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika.

It seemed that no rough discussion of the matter should be, after all people have a grief and they need to be helped. But not here - that was!

Obviously not representatives of PSPU fraction were delighted with such initiative in Nikolaevsk city council.

At first to a microphone there was Evgenia Bondarenko.She didn't speak against allocation of these means as the help to the Western areas, but I asked the mayor a loaded question.

"And what area from the western Ukraine was assigned to Nova Odessa when there was last year a natural disaster? And how many then it was transferred means for assistance into accounts of the New Odessa district administration? "

Vladimir Chaika, in some seconds answered this question: "The same Putilsky area was assigned to Nova Odessa. But here how many then they listed I can't tell you. Here if, on land reform New Odessa is included in city boundaries, then I will be able to control it".

At once after that permission to speak was asked by the deputy from Party of Regions Vyacheslav Pilyak.

"I not against assignment! But in response to Evgenia Sergeevna's question I want to tell that today I talked to the head of the New Odessa regional council A. Delekatny, and he told me that transferred "0 UAH"", - V. Pilyak declared.

Seagull at once I tried to extinguish inflaming debate and to calm all: "Then there was not such large-scale natural disaster as now in the Western Ukraine and the state could cover with funds from reserve fund losses …"

But Vitrenkovtsa wanted to calm down, seemingly, not really.

To a microphone there was D. Nikonov and demanded from the mayor to report about elimination of consequences of the last hail damage. "And what we will do when in Nikolaev there will be something not preseen if now we give money from the reserve fund? ", - the head of PSPU fraction took an interest.

Didn't want to give Vitrenkovtsam money to the Western Ukraine and probably they counted on the help of more powerful figures of city council, but it didn't turn out!

Everything calmed down when V. Chaika assured all that nobody will steal this money also they, is exact, will be used for the help to victims.

As a result, voted pro 50 deputies from 54 present. To the word anybody contra didn't vote. Four deputies simply didn't vote.

After that Vladimir Dmitriyevich reminded deputies that they have to decide on the deputy means still.

Interestingly, and deputies from N. Vitrenko's block already were defined where will allocate the funds?


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