David Zhvaniya condemned Saakashvili

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine, the member of deputy group "National Self-defense" David Zhvaniya - the ethnic Georgian. He was born and grew in Georgia therefore a situation in the Caucasus knows firsthand. The politician shared with the correspondent of "Self-defense" the vision of the Ossetian - the Georgian conflict.

We provide some theses from David Zhvaniya's interview. (The full version of interview will be published later).

… I undertook a small sortie - I was one and a half days in Georgia to communicate to people to learn how they are adjusted. They very strongly were tired, first of all from big shocking. They consider that the power says lies that Saakashvili deceives them, escalates a situation, uses them. People have no independent information sources - they ceased to watch TV, except series. They don't watch news because it isn't interesting to them, they consider that it is direct manipulation.

… My opinion that Mikheil Saakashvili went on a string at the USA with which it in recent years had close relations, maybe, even too close. … It was more PR-an action for Saakashvili with certain guarantees from the United States of America. … It was necessary to show Russia as aggressor. … It is part of one big scenario collected just end-to-end to elections in the USA. And John McCain (the American senator - the republican, the applicant for promotion in presidents in 2008 - an edition) today builds all the election campaign on this rhetoric.

Saakashvili got involved small Georgia in big geopolitical game … All world wars began from - for any absurd. It also is such absurd when in fact amusing Georgian armies act, it was necessary to count, against the Russian armies.

… What was reaction of Russia? It was inadequate.

… It is impossible to say that the Crimea will be the following, after all there were absolutely different situations. In the Crimea in common build wellbeing and Ukrainians, and Russians... Neither in the Crimea, nor in east areas there are no prerequisites (to repetition российско - the Georgian scenario - an edition) if only (Ukrainian - an edition) politicians on it don't speculate.

… I consider that statements from Ukraine (apropos российско - the Georgian conflict - an edition) one-sided. It is necessary пе


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