The constitution from BYuT will turn Yushchenko into a pale shadow of the English queen

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The bill of modification of the Constitution of Ukraine, offered BYuT, will significantly differ from the concept published by the Constitutional national council.

It in the comment to the correspondent of the UNIAN was declared today by the People's Deputy from BYuT Valery Pisarenko.
"The bill will be same, but everything will be on the contrary", - he told.
The deputy noticed that BYuT will insist on introduction in Ukraine not a presidential government, and exclusively parliamentary. According to him, thus, any President "will lose opportunity to block activity of executive authorities". Besides, the bill will provide that the Cabinet is formed only by the coalition in the Verkhovna Rada, and the candidate of the head of the government shouldn't be coordinated with the head of state.
Besides, he told, it is provided that the President won't have the right to bring in BP the candidates at a position of ministers.
V. Pisarenko also noted that heads will submit YEAH to the Cabinet.
According to the deputy, in the project of changes the rights of opposition and the coalition will be accurately written out. In particular, he noted that the opposition will acquire all rights on control of actions of the power and will be able to delegate the representatives to structure of Cabinet of Ministers, to form Audit Chamber and will have other control functions.
V. Pisarenko also noted that the bill from BYuT will establish new requirements to formation of the judicial case and directly Constitutional Court.
"We will make everything that activity of the courts was transferred to professional rails, and to candidates for a position of judges very serious demands" will be made, - the deputy told.
Besides, V. Pisarenko added, the considerable attention in the bill is paid to reforming of local governments.


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