The director of Youzhny port declares attempts of capture of the enterprise

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The director state a pedpriyatiya "Sea trade port "Youzhny", Vladimir Vasilyev declares illegal capture of the enterprise and attempts of illegal privatization of moorings of port. According to him, "Youzhny's" moorings are of interest within privatization of the Odessa port plant, transfer "Details".

As Vasilyev on a press - conferences in "Interfax" reported on May 8, in Youzhny port his former deputy, 29 - summer Yury Kruk, the son of the People's Deputy from BYuT party tries to seize power. Such attempts were already made earlier, however on March 21, 2008 the Donetsk Voroshilovsky court reinstated as Vasilyev of the director. In reply, Yury Kruk on air of local TV company expressed readiness for the power scenario, than and used. In the night of May 7 unknown "shaven-headed men", according to the director, the building of administration of "Youzhny" underwent the real storm.

Vasilyev showed a plot of amateur shooting on which "storm" was imprinted. Ten-ton construction equipment broke a building wall in two places. "It occurred in the face of the power. Same militia. And here, they stood all and silently looked at the events. It was as in the horror film", - one more participant noticed a press - conferences, Sergey Tikhopilov, the editor-in-chief of the Veksel newspaper.

The decision of the same Donetsk Voroshilovsky court of the April 30, made in the festive day off became the basis for similar actions. According to lawyers, it can't be considered lawful as the court has no right to cancel the previous decision, courts of the highest authority have the right to it only.

Except a judgment, Vladimir Vasilyev showed an assignment the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine, Yulia Timoshenko in whom it gives an order of militia, to Mintranssvyaz and the Public executive service, to provide immediate execution of the decision of Donetsk court of April 30. According to the lawyer of the director "Youzhny", Anton Karagovnik, "It there was a power capture. And it is clear, who the interested party if to ministers, Onishchuk and Lutsenko, the corresponding assignment is directed.All employees, all officials who are present at capture, referred to this assignment".

Making comments on actions of the authorities, Vladimir Vasilyev noted that haste with "Youzhny's" capture, most likely, is connected with the sale of the Odessa Port Plant (OPP) appointed to May 20. "Youzhny's" four moorings which it is impossible can be privatized and sold, according to him, to restructure and transfer to the jurisdiction of OPZ. And then, to sell as Plant property. "These four moorings, I assume, will be included in the list of objects of privatization with the purpose to attract the investor and to increase appeal Port", - Vasilyev declared. According to him, "there is defined a business - structures. All of them are close to KMU and moreover - to the prime minister - to the minister. There is a systematic reduction of price of OPZ. From 6 billion dollars to 400 million. Probably, earlier there were no buyers in these close circles", "Youzhny's" director noticed.

Meanwhile, - the main enterprise of the city Youzhny and together with OPZ 25% of the regional budget give Youzhny port. "It is simple a crime. Crime against people. To give port plant for kopeks if only to keep populist election pledges. And to destroy the whole city" - Tikhopilov emphasized.


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