The South Korean company Posco will buy shipbuilding plants from V. Novinsky?

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The South Korean company Posco, the fourth in size the producer of steel in the world, enters the Ukrainian market.

The Posco company plans to invest in production of iron ore in Ukraine. The message on it is published by the company at the end of the last week. At the same time metallurgical giant is interested in acquisition of the Ukrainian metallurgical assets and shipyards.

While Posco doesn't give any comments on with what of the Ukrainian raw companies it signed the contract. According to Oleg Yuzefovich, the analyst of the Alpha — the Capital company, the choice of the companies - candidates for cooperation with Posco is insignificant. "Considering that at formulations of news there is a word "at the same time", it can mean that all assets are got rolled into one. That is it has to be the metallurgical complex having any ore asset. Whatever one may do, "Zaporozhstal" and MMK fall under these definitions of Ilyich" only, - the expert notes.

Andrey Gerus, the analyst of the Concorde Capital company, adds that "Zaporozhstal" carried out recently a number of steps which can be perceived as preparation for sale. In - the first, at the enterprise the restructuring approved in December was made, and in August at meeting of shareholders the decision to pay to shareholders dividends for 2007 was made. "At them the investment program totals about 15 billion hryvnias, and nevertheless they put undivided profit not in the program, and distribute among shareholders. Such usually occurs when the company are going to sell", - the analyst claims.

"Market capitalization of "Zaporozhstal" now - 1,3 billion dollars. By my estimates, fair value of all company - about 4 billions taking into account an embodiment of the program of modernization. Taking into account that to sell "Zaporozhstal" to present owners it is desirable (they have no own funds for implementation of the program of modernization, money for other projects is necessary), I think that 2,5-4 billion will be a fair assessment", - the analyst of the Socrates company Dmitry Horoshun considers.

By one of possible Ukrainian partners of South Korean Posco also call Konstantin Zhevago's company Ferrexpo controlling the Poltava GOK.

As for ship-building assets, analysts are sure that Vadim Novinsky's ship-building assets can become the most probable acquisition of Posco in Ukraine. The Russian businessman now controls the Kherson and Nikolaev shipbuilding plants.

The South Korean company Posco founded in 1968, is the world's fourth producer of steel. Makes hot and cold hire and delivers the production the car - and to ship builders. By 2011 the metalproducer planned to increase production to 40 million tons. The net profit of the company grew in the II quarter 2008 by 34%, to 1,49 billion dollars, in comparison with 1,11 billion dollars, received for the similar period year before.


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