Birthday of the Homeland

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I congratulate you, Ukraine, happy birthday! I congratulate myself on yours, Ukraine, Birthday! The best age - 17 years. Age of hopes and disappointments, age of the first love and first treachery. Around still all are young and rather healthy, and you seek to live. As you seek to live! Ahead still there are so much the affairs, the whole world at your feet, also seems that everything will be always good. In 17 years of the girl are especially good - on their cheeks plays a flush, figures finally take "forms", and young men admire, trying to give out easy love for true love.

I always wanted to write something such, without unnecessary pathetics, without excessive pathos about Ukraine, the country where I was born and grew. To the country in which I fell in love and I was on friendly terms, I studied and I worked where I live and now. I always wanted to write that Ukraine for me is not only the place of residence, it something much bigger, than the country name is simple. I wanted that those who reads my articles, understood that in Ukraine there is all in order that people, it occupying felt like PEOPLE. In Ukraine there is an oil and gas, uranium and amber, the most fertile lands in the world, the rivers, mountains, the woods and the seas, coal and many other things. We are simply doomed to be well off and tranquillity.

When it will be, anybody doesn't know. Even those who promises today us life without inflation and wars, without religious and language oppositions, without political shocks, corruption and crime. Even they don't know though are obliged on a rank. But they don't know. In total those whom with our help chose in parliament and in the power, with our help and with our connivance pour to the friend of the friend tubs of slops, suspect each other of high treason, доворовывают all that else remained, and urge to love not the country, and them. By means of various ratings, polls, pseudoscientific researches, television and the under control press they manipulate consciousness of the become impoverished population, promising everything and without doing anything. The people got used and don't pay attention. To the following elections. And there the same repeats.

Now here a new misfortune - the Caucasian conflict. New way to split the country. A country half - for Georgia, a half - for Russia. Language problems temporarily receded into the background, now all discuss a situation in Ossetia, previously having seen enough in plenty the Russian TV channels and our, Ukrainian. White and black. Shades as though also aren't present. But it only seems. Now to us as it became clear, additional resources for the maintenance of army are necessary, to run in the direction to NATO even quicker, now we have a specific enemy - Russia. In any case, the power top to us lets know it. And time at us appeared the quite accurately outlined external enemy, Hugo's even more aggressive Ukrainization can be connected with it - east areas, final replacement of Russian from television, etc. unpleasant features. Besides, in Ukraine there is the restless enclave - the Crimea and as the anti-Russian moods at the highest state level will be reflected in mood of the inhabitants of the Crimea meeting in Sevastopol the Russian military ships with flowers and tricolours while it isn't known. And as inhabitants of Russian-speaking regions of the country treated the proposal of the president of the World congress of Ukrainians certain A.Lozinsky in which he suggested Victor Yushchenko to communicate with the Russian colleague Dmitry Medvedev through the translator, to explain there is no need. That is in Ukrainian because to the true patriot, according to the above-mentioned sir, speaking on - national, "западло" to know Russian. And to communicate! ! ! That is, the division of the country forgotten partially already into two parts again looms before the people exhausted with inflation.

In general the strange picture political turns out. Pro-presidential forces led by the Secretariat accuse the prime minister - the minister of high treason. By arrangement to Russia, allegedly, in an exchange for Tymoshenko's support at presidential election, in exchange for a passive position on a situation in South Ossetia. Yulia Vladimirovna in reply suggested to replace the plate in the Secretariat on "Chamber No. 6". Too answer. Moscow doesn't react to charges of presidential officials, is silent, as fish about ice. And regionals whom always called pro-Russian, in general in "neponyatka", like - and we then who? Such to itself redistribution of resources. I believe, generally - financial.

Only all this full nonsense. For the people. Instead of the nonsense is that nearly 24 percent of Ukrainians aren't proud of that they are citizens of Ukraine. And it, by the way, 11 million.person! Two Georgia! And it, seemingly, not really - that disturbs the politicians which next purpose is the chair of the President of Ukraine.

17 years are an age of shocks, and it to human measures, and on historical - at all age. Happy birthday to you, Homeland.

Also don't forget, dear, we have everything for happiness. And politicians will grow up. Will be stolen and will grow. You won't put millions in a coffin. To us still remains.

Therefore we are simply doomed to be well off and tranquillity. Only when …


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