The governor held selector meeting with areas: I asked about preparation for winter, fight against debts, unemployment and about Famine-Genocide

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Various questions - from readiness of objects of area for a heating season to a state of affairs with collecting attestations of eyewitnesses of Famine-Genocide - were brought up by the head of the regional state administration at selector meeting with heads of regions of area.

Among the most important questions of meeting there was dynamics of debt on a salary in Nikolayevshchina. As the chief of head department of work and social protection of the population of the regional state administration Olga Sivoplyas reported, at the request of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko it is necessary to extinguish all existing debt in area till September 1.

However, unfortunately, the amount of debt to workers of area for August 1 made 11 606 thousand hryvnias. From this sum only 4 million hryvnias - debt on economically - the active enterprises.

Olga Viktorovna noted that the worst indicators of development of a situation are observed in Voznesensky (161 thousand UAH), Zhovtnevom (57,3 thousand UAH), Kazankovsk (75,4 thousand UAH), Snigirevsk (35,7 thousand UAH) areas. Also considerable means ran into debt to employees of the enterprises of Ochakovo (190,2 thousand UAH), Pervomaisk (244,7 thousand UAH), Yuzhnoukrainsk (415 thousand UAH) and the city of Nikolaev (1582,4 thousand UAH)

On creation of workplaces Krivoozersky, Novobugsky, Berezansky, Bereznegovatsky and Brotherly areas are the best. Unfortunately, the regional average indicator in 61% is lagged behind by Vradiyevsky, Voznesensky, New Odessa areas and the cities of Nikolaev and Yuzhnoukrainsk.

Preparation of objects of area, and especially educational institutions, to a heating season became a serious question of meeting also. The governor expressed concern a state of affairs with the equipment of schools bathrooms, furnace boiler rooms, a roof of roofs. Alexey Garkusha gave a task to chiefs of departments of education and sciences, to housing and communal services and heads of areas by the beginning of academic year to correct a situation.

Also at meeting received a negative assessment of the head of the district state administrations which lag behind assembled Famine-Genocide attestations of eyewitnesses.According to the head of area, collecting this information is already finished in the majority of areas, but Bashtansky, Berezansky, Vradiyevsky Krivoozersky, Nikolaev, New Odessa, Ochakov and Snigirevsky areas lag behind. Remarks were made heads of these areas, reported a press - service YEAH.


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