The Nikolaev underwater robots dive on a bottom of Balaklava Bay

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20 years at National university of shipbuilding, in its structural division - automatic equipment and electrical equipment Institute, under the leadership of the director of institute professor Vladimir Stepanovich Blintsov, works on creation of underwater sea equipment are conducted.

Need for such equipment for Ukraine and for the bike world: with development of underwater videosystems inspection of a seabed, the berthing facilities, the sunk subjects, underwater part of cases of vessels at depths up to 100 meters is made by mainly underwater robots. It quicker, cheaper and more safely, than descent under water of divers. People - divers go into action after studying of an underwater situation.

For many years human activity by the seas and oceans, at their bottom, especially near coast, a large number of subjects dangerous to navigation, and also objects valuable to historical science collected. The first underwater robots for their research were designed in NUK (then - NKI) under the leadership of the rector M. Alexandrov in 90-е years of last century.

The certificate to it is the developed cooperation of the Nikolaev Institute of automatic equipment and electrical equipment with the Polish Shetsinsky polyequipment for carrying out joint scientific activity on research. to use and safety in depths of the Black and Baltic seas.

Cooperation of graduate students and scientists of both higher education institutions developed long ago, and now two Polish students pass training in Nikolaev. Are regularly carried out joint international scientifically - technical conferences, them took place already more than 20-ти. Three times a year collections of works in the field of electromechanical and electric systems are published. And in them, along with scientific works, are published and literaturno - works of art of scientists - electricians.

Possibilities of underwater robots are used in archaeological researches. The Nikolaev sea robotics take part in researches of Institute of archeology of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Recently this cooperation brought sensational success.

Archeologists regularly survey a seabed in search of the ships sunk in a course русско - Turkish howl 18-19 centuries. And here this year, on a traverse of Balaklava, at the bottom of a bay, with the participation of the Nikolaev robots the English vessel "Agnes — Blakey" which has sunk in 1856 at a siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean war was revealed.

The President of Ukraine became interested in expedition, V. Yushchenko with the spouse visited a forwarding vessel. In cabins - the company got a television channel. The Nikolaev device "dived" on 90 meters, and the President saw a seabed and the sunk object on the plasma monitor. Then the divers who have left under water lifted from a bottom the English union of the middle of an eyelid before last, kernels, part of a ship steering wheel.

Conversation of the President with crew of the robot proceeded more than two hours. V. Yushchenko was pleasantly surprised with level of researches of the Nikolaev scientists.

The meeting of the President with the Nikolaev experts brought undoubted mutual benefit: V. Yushchenko received first-hand volume information on progress of the Nikolaev researchers, and our scientists, we hope, now can count on support of the activity at the highest level.


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