With return, "Obverse"!

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On Sunday, August 24, from single swimming Nikolaev - Belgrad - Nikolaev came back the known Nikolaev yachtsman Yury Borisovich Zhiradkov who has made this campaign on the Obverse yacht with direct support of the head of BYuT in the Nikolaev area of the People's Deputy of Ukraine of R. E. Zabzalyuk.

Establishment of contacts with representatives of the cadet organizations, staff was the purpose of the swimming, lasted about five weeks ("Obverse" went from the mooring of yachts - NKI club on July 17), according to Yu. Zhiradkov, - which apartment is in Belgrad. The graduate of suvorovsky school, Yury Borisovich actively is engaged in patriotic and educational work with youth, enters into the management of the local Nikolaev organization "Cadet Union". Therefore its distant campaign, had to serve also an example for youth - Yury Borisovich in practice shows advantages of a healthy lifestyle, proves on own experience that all in our own hands, and it is necessary to have a clear view only of the purpose and steadily to move to its implementation. And then everything by all means will come true.


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