Of what the Secretariat of the President accuses Tymoshenko? (The full text of a denunciation in SBU)

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For concreteness of conversation on "Sardinian change" we publish the text of a denunciation of Cabinet of Ministers which the Secretariat of the President sent to SBU. We will tell at once that reading matter very cheap. All these charges points already were sounded in due time by Balogoy and, naturally, owing to the prooflessness any resonance didn't cause. However, Baloga solved it is visible the book on the basis of the performances - but the denunciation which it and sent I.O. Predsedatel to Nalivaychenko's SBU turned out. Though it would be more logical to send this grafomansky nonsense where - нибудь to the newspaper. After all Nalivaychenko everything is not the editor to estimate art opuses of Balogi on a subject: "As I hate Tymoshenko". But Baloga is "балога". Whether buffoonery, whether simply "heap" something unpleasantly smelling.On Yushchenko's place, Baloge should have been given by all means by the Independence Day a rank of the national actor. Well after all really titanic work in a field of a colloquial genre. Petrosyan has simply a rest. Almost every day this "comedian" throws out absolutely wild "messages" in the press. In general very funny it turns out. The flood happened, in consequences is guilty why - that Tymoshenko though it is known what exactly Baloga acquired decades the capital on injurious cutting down of the Zakarpatye woods. Artillery warehouses blew up - again Tymoshenko is guilty. Though until recently Baloga was the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations which had to prevent similar explosions. And why - that nobody accuses Ekhanurov or the commander of the Southern expeditious command Pyotr Litvin. However, we will pass to written "creativity" of mister Balogi. We provide the text of this ridiculous document: Details according to the link...


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