Owing to an emergency on 61 - m an arsenal one school and a kindergarten couldn't begin work

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In the Kharkov area owing to an emergency situation on 61 - m an arsenal the school No. 8 of the city of Lozovaya and kindergarten in Ekaterinovk's village couldn't accept pupils on September 1.

As reports the official site of the Kharkov regional state administration, at present at school No. 8 and the Ekaterinovsky kindergarten which most of all suffered from explosions, repair is conducted.

The head of the regional state administration Arsen Avakov during a business trip in Lozovuyu declared on September 31 that for 581 pupils of school No. 8 academic year too will begin on September 1, only for the period of recovery work children will study in the second change in uchebno - production combine No. 10.

During meeting of the regional commission on emergency situations which took place on August 31 in the Lozovsky Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, the deputy head of the regional state administration Lyudmila Belova reported that all 12 institutions of education suffered from explosions in a military warehouse: one school in the Bliznyukovsky area, 4 - in the Lozovsky area, the others - in Lozova.

As it was reported, on 61 - the m an arsenal near Lozova for the past days recorded 24 explosions of small power, reports on Monday, September 1, a press - service of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

As of September 1, in the territory 61-го the arsenal of the Southern expeditious command of Land forces of VS of Ukraine located near Lozovy Kharkov area, works on localization of seats of fire and cleaning of passes to storages in the technical territory of object are continued.

In the technical territory 61-го an arsenal still there are single explosions of separate ammunition which don't go beyond an arsenal. For the past days 24 explosions of small power were recorded.

Also for the past days works on suppression of seats of fire and smoke in the arsenal territory were carried out. Five fire tanks and the engineering car of a razgorazhivaniye I carried out 16 departures on the technical territory of an arsenal for suppression of seats of fire.

By forces of 12 groups of mine clearing from structure of engineering parts of Armed forces of Ukraine and the military personnel 25-й separate Dnepropetrovsk vozdushno - landing crew cleaning of explosive subjects of the district in a 3-5-kilometer zone is complete and cleaning of a 3-kilometer zone around 61-го an arsenal is begun. Since the beginning of works 875 hectares of the territory, including 75 hectares of a zone of scattering of fragments of ammunition - to 3 kilometers are cleared. Are collected and transported to a place of temporary storage of 1162 explosive subjects.

Also soldiers - paratroopers 25-й separate Dnepropetrovsk vozdushno - landing crew give help in preparation of school No. 8 of the city of Lozovaya to capital repairs.

Inhabitants of settlements and houses of the city of Lozovaya who enter a 3-5-kilometer zone, returned to the houses. In a 3-kilometer zone there are evacuated inhabitants of farms Gersivanovsky and Lesovskoye. Local executive authorities finish work on inspection and a damage assessment in the private sector and a critical infrastructure.

According to preliminary data, owing to explosions 48 houses and 14 buildings of the social sphere of settlements of the Lozovsky area were slightly damaged (glasses are beaten out, window frames and slate are damaged). Three houses on the farm of Gersivanovsk are completely destroyed.

Since the beginning of elimination of a fire the personnel 65-го mobile hospital were 168 people who were given symptomatic medical help are accepted. For the last days 6 people of the civilian population asked for medical care.

According to the Detailed plan approved by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, elimination of consequences of a fire and cleaning of ammunition of the territory 61-го an arsenal will be carried out in 4 stages.

Now the first stage - elimination of a fire comes to the end and is begun performance of the second - cleaning of the territory of explosive subjects and district mine clearing. During 3-го a stage restoration of constructions of military unit and buildings of settlements is provided.

As a whole 515 servicemen and 75 pieces of equipment of Armed forces of Ukraine are involved to elimination of consequences of a fire and explosions.


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