About logic and motives …

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The normal person has to think logically. It, as though, axiom. That is, undoubtedly. Proceeding from the latest events in the world, the statement of some politicians and those who curls near, logical in any way you won't call. That the prime minister - the minister will accuse of high treason, and that the prime minister - the minister will declare that the main instigator of disorder of the democratic coalition is the President. Any logic, however it is possible to track motives - presidential elections.

Or here the state of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko's lips declares that maintains integrity of Georgia and inviolability of its borders, this most condemning policy of Russia concerning the same Georgia, and at this time long being silent and the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych not giving signs of political life suddenly starts arguing in a flowery style that our country, say, needs to get rid of double standards and immediately to support Yu.Osetiya's people and Abkhazia in their aspiration to find independence. About double standards Victor Fedorovich, probably, hinted at a problem of Kosovo. All focus that Ukraine officially didn't support an exit of Kosovo from structure of Serbia, what here double standards. It is rather an absence of logic. And here motives are again traced, by the way, the same - presidential election, the settled Hugo - east Russian-speaking electorate which is stubborn believing doesn't want lose at all that Russia protects the citizens in the territory of Georgia. Well, it is natural, after all ORT and RTR can't say lies! As, actually and 5 Channel …

By the way, about neighbors. Before new academic year to the Russian teachers offered as basic the history textbook in which the politician Stalin it is considered as the instrument of development of the Soviet society, and Iosif Vissarionovich is presented as very effective manager of that time. In as!
As authors of the textbook warn, "the main attention of pupils is supposed to be concentrated on an explanation of motives and logic of actions of the power". You see? And here, it appears, look for logic and motives.

In addition, in the book it is claimed that specially organized hunger in the village in the USSR wasn't, it was connected "both with weather conditions, and with incompleteness of processes of collectivization", and at the end of 30-x years, within modernization in the USSR the socialism and not capitalism, and industrial society is constructed not. To be stunned, the truth? Here to you logic - time society was under construction industrial, means peasants and aren't necessary at all therefore hunger suited the power of that time.

Besides, authors of new historical vision declare that input of the Soviet armies on the territory of Poland in 1939 was the act of release of territories of Ukraine and Belarus, and as for the Baltic countries and Bessarabia, departed to the USSR in 1940, earlier they were a part of the Russian Empire.

To teachers recommend to say to children that initial defeats in the Great Patriotic War had objective character, and those years it is necessary to speak about great deportation of the people with "special restraint and care".

However all above-mentioned fades into the background, conceding to the main thing, in fact: to justification of mass repressions during Stalin's rule. And if in textbooks of history of time of "stagnation" Stalin repressions either were simply suppressed, or moved as certain "curvature" of the general line of party, now there are "rational" justifications of actions of the power on destruction of millions citizens.
"Stalin didn't know from whom exactly it is possible to expect blow therefore from its party the blow to all known groups and currents, and also to all who wasn't his unconditional adherent and the ally" followed, - explain Iosif Vissarionovich's actions historians of the neighboring power.

Here such here logic on - it is Russian.

By the way, coming back to a subject Russia - Georgia, I will note very remarkable fact. After signing by the Russian president Medvedev of the document on recognition of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, any country in the world officially didn't support this decision. But Russia got support in this question from Palestinian party of Hamas and the Lebanese terrorist organization "Hizballa" which expressed the approval by actions of the Russian power. Then Syria, Libya and Iran were tightened. Not most, we will notice, the peaceful countries. A man is known by the company he keeps? Or all - motives are traced?

There is such gallant Russian officer Anatoly Nagovitsin, the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation.Well, what doesn't get out from RTR air, making comments on actions of the Russian military group in the North Caucasus, and exposing "aggressive policy" of Ukraine. And so, recently this officer with a terrible look gave out the next pearl: Whether "NATO - the state of not Black Sea geographical stay can - constantly to increase there group of forces and means? It turns out that can't. It is essentially important". Here, it seems the general - the colonel, instead of knows that NATO is not the country. And in the Black Sea pool there are three "NATO" states: Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria. But why to Russians about it the nobility, the truth? Here, just, the logic is visible "ferroconcrete"!

Well and it is fine, the high policy is inaccessible to us, international - especially. Here near by the such happens at itself, crazy it is possible to go! As the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko declared, in Odessa the Japanese mafia, more in the world known as the yakuza earned. You represent, what our people only at cinema faced, appeared and at us. Obvious progress in advance to the international standards! The yakuza in masses! We will enter general fashion on Japanese mafia tattoos! And if not to turn out to win against this misfortune, we will head it! If it turns out.

M - yes, any logic …


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