On the Kinburnsky spit from "an easy hand" directors - the forester shoot the birds included in the Red List

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On Saturday, August 30, on Biyenkov the plavnyakh of the Kinburnsky braid who according to the decision of the Nikolaev regional council treat reserved lands, according to instructions of the deputy of a regional council, the director of GP "Lesookhotnichye Economy of the Nikolaev Area" Pyotr Palamaryuk was open a hunting season. About it the correspondent of "N News" was reported by the director Regionalno - landscape park "Kinburnsky Braid" Zinoviy Petrovich.

"We repeatedly managed not to allow hunting opening on these lands, but this time Palamaryuk, ignoring the reserved zones, a special order which is open at us, gave command on shooting of birds", - the director Kinburna tells.

Aggravates a situation and a low water level in lakes, and as a result, low level of reproduction of birds. Predators everything that was possible, destroyed. In fact, from Kinburn's all lakes remained only a little which are connected to the Yagorlytsky gulf.

"And here a bird, suffering, in fact, ecological disaster, I accumulated in this reserved zone. As hunters have no place to shoot more, Palamaryuk and decided to shoot down living in misery birds", - Zinoviy Petrovich speaks.

During week-end about 20 hunters who began intensive shooting of birds came to the territory of the reserve.

"We recorded 17 people who killed 53 birds, from them four forbidden to shooting - a peganka (1 piece), a heron квак (1 piece), baranets big (2 pieces). For the same that employees of park didn't disturb poachers, the militia link from three people, allegedly, was given command to turn out employees of park. On this fact we intend to give materials to prosecutor's office", - Petrovich declared.

The deputy chief of the State administration of protection of surrounding environment in the Nikolaev area Ivan Kubrak declared that shooting of a bird on Kinburna wasn't coordinated with management.

"We on shooting of a bird didn't give any coordination. In the reserved territory of hunting as that isn't allowed", - Ivan Kubrak reported.

He noted that according to the decision No. 9 by which the specification on development of the design organization of the territory of the Kinburnsky braid was agreed, reserved zones were defined. A number of restrictions which extend on reserved zones was registered in it according to the legislation. Among these points is available and will lock on conducting hunting in these territories.

The interesting moment - according to the Law of Ukraine "About environmental protection" regulation of number of animals is made only after coordination with management of protection of surrounding environment. Thus in the law it is told nothing that hunters have to be engaged in it.

P.S. About an hour ago the director of RLP "Kinburnsky Braid" already submitted the relevant acts to the State administration of protection of surrounding environment of the Nikolaev area.


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