On September 1 in Nikolaev the new building municipal коллегиума

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Exactly at ten o'clock on September 1 in Nikolaevsk municipal коллегиуме the first call sounded. It became not only the first in the begun academic year, but also the first in the new building of school put by builders in operation on the eve of Knowledge Day.

The building коллегиума call the most modern in area, and, according to builders, it is a little such schools and in Ukraine as a whole. As the head of department of capital construction of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Vladimir Guller, uniqueness of the project that, for example, the floor coverings executed from modern materials, are calculated not less, than on 30 years as the covering in a gym is durable told, for the first time in similar construction are used quartz floors in educational rooms are so called, the assembly hall and cafe - a dining room are executed at the most modern level.

To bring into operation the new building коллегиума many made efforts. However, a special contribution to that the today's holiday took place, two persons brought: mayor Vladimir Chaika and deputy of regional council Alexander Sadykov.

In the performance the mayor Vladimir Chaika, the building project which was developed in 2006, was necessary to remake counting upon new technologies. First the first in the building wanted to lodge school students of elementary grades, but the modern equipment of profile offices prompted other decision: 450 pupils of 8-11 classes will study here.

"To open today this school of new type, we with colleagues from the regional power had to combine efforts - both intellectual, and financial, - Vladimir Chaika told journalists. - I graduated from this school (at that time No. 38 SSh - an edition) in 1966, and then it had mathematical specialization and was one of the best in the city".

The deputy of regional council Alexander Sadykov thanks to which efforts last year the question of financing of construction moved off dead center, told: "As for construction, scepticism first was much very few people believed that opening will take place on September 1, but as the real locomotive Vladimir Dmitriyevich Chaika here acted. Now it is possible to call this school school of the future.I take the initiative to allocate obligatory financing and from the regional budget for completion of construction. It is necessary that irrespective of belonging to fractions, parties, we combined the efforts in order that it there was the best school in the country. Here the real elite of our area studies. It is necessary to make so that to study in коллегиуме dreamed as dreamed to study at the Moscow university earlier. In return I promise to help both communications, and money. People's Deputies Irina Gerashchenko and Eduard Zeynalov already allocated from deputy money of 2 million UAH for construction. Now it is necessary to wait for the statement of the Verkhovna Rada".

The director Nikolayevskogo municipal коллегиума Sergey Sichko reminded that this year to school 54 years are executed, and during this time it didn't replace the specialization - the majority of subjects have mathematically - the naturalists' direction. "Here children with natural inclinations to these subjects have to study, instead of those which parents have money, - Sergey Sichko told. - It is public school, and here it shouldn't be important whom are parents of our pupils".


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