In Kiev "tablet" crashed into the SUV

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On Monday in Kiev on Grinchenko St. "UAZ 3741" crashed in standing on the Nissan Patrol traffic light. There are victims.

Staff of GAI and the driver of the SUV told about an event. According to the last, it stood on the traffic light as suddenly I felt strong blow behind. It was put by "UAZ" called in the people by "tablet" or "loaf" which went on Grinchenko St. in the direction of the central entrance on the Flannelette cemetery. According to his driver, he moved in the right row when it was cut strongly by the unspecified car. Trying to avoid collision, the driver of "UAZ" struck on brakes, but the car went yuzy and in uncontrollable drift crashed into the back of "Nissan" which stood in the left row on the traffic light. From blow, "tablet" developed almost on 180 degrees and threw sideways.

To the driver of "UAZ" clamped a foot, but his friend helped to get out of a trap and carried the victim on a lawn. On ambulance crew arrival, it became clear that did without changes. But it was nevertheless decided to hospitalize the victim for more detailed inspection.

Strangely enough, but "Nissan Patrol" with expensive off-road accessories (bumpers, the snorkel and special rubber) was uninsured. And here "usual" "UAZ" - on the contrary. By the way, from serious damages офф - the road was rescued by a rear non-standard bumper from multimillimetric steel. At the minibus the front and счесан the right side is damaged.


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