URGENTLY! New elections will pass in Ukraine in December!

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So, citizens, came true! Our elite made for itself the decision: new elections in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will pass in December, 2008.

Conversations on possible early elections of parliament were had for a long time. A few days ago the source of MIGnews.com.ua reported about that, as date is already known - December of this year. But if yesterday it was simple information, already today we have confirmation full to that.

In - the first, those who watch the beginning of new session of parliament, can see how representatives of all without exception of political forces conduct our country to the deadlock. At what they do it consciously, understanding that it is possible to split "Gordian knot" only a sword, instead of negotiations.

In - the second, exist, let indirect, but more evidential things. Today the advertizing companies which are engaged in outdoor advertizing in Ukraine, received from Uniform Center party (leader Igor Kril), the demand for the largest election campaign (prepared! ) for October - November of this year. As they say, "ice started" - active buying up of boards, stops, a body - and radio - time began.

As we see, the situation develops thus: for December snap elections of the Verkhovna Rada and so-called "reformatting of Ukraine" …


… That there is once, is called as the tragedy, two - the farce, and three … the farce on - Ukrainian. Nevertheless, it is possible to assume that in elections are interested not only politicians, but also the people. It is pleasant to people, after all during election campaign it is possible to make good money (from experience of previous years it is remembered - politicians pay generously). And we again will go for buckwheat, for coupons, to us will be than to borrow in free time - we will go for meetings, meetings, a meeting, meetings (the benefit they at various political forces suffice).

Well, Ukraine, forward! On new elections, to the next round on a tear of own country on small slices that each hetman got any natural boundary!.


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