Business - interests of a family of Valery Kalchenko

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Today in Kiev passed a press - conference during which charges to the chief of the National commission on questions of regulation of an energetikiya Valery Kalchenko sounded. Journalists were told that mister Kalchenko interferes with business - the conflict which was provoked by his daughter Anna Kalchenko

As it became clear before Kalchenko - the senior put pressure upon the management of the Dolmart — Ukraine company and threatened to interfere with dispute between "Dolmart - Ukraine" and компаниею "Somelye" which is headed by his daughter Anna Kalchenko.

We will remind: the head of the Dolmart — Ukraine company, Greek предпринимтаель Christina Ksinias who works in Ukraine more than 15 years, zanimayasyimporty expensive wines accused Anna Kalchenko of attempt to destroy its business. In 2006 madam Ksinias entrusted one of managers of the Dolmart — Ukraine company to Anna Kalchenko development of the new direction in distribution of part of brands. The Somelye company was for this purpose created, as a rukoovditel and which cofounder Kalchenko - younger acted. For development of the new project the infrastructure and finance "Dolmart - Ukraine" was involved. Certainly it brought good earnings and everything is good but as soon as "Dolmart" started speaking about return of money of Kalchenko - younger refused. Then the company filed a lawsuit, counting that will be able to make the respondent responsible, however it led to rough actions from Kalchenko's family. In particular Christina Ksinias гооврит that as her unknown young people who tried to block her office prevented to work. Threatened the staff of the company. Reached before that Kalchenko - the senior came to it to office where directly I told it that involves all levers if only his daughter appeared the rights.

This statement is very serious, so considers presudstvovavshiya on a press - conferences the head of the Ukrainian legal society Oleg Bereznyuk. In particular he declared that participation of officials in business and attempt to exercise the power in business - the purposes it is possible to qualify only as corruption. Also to them it was stated concern about that in Ukrin and further officials try to resolve the issues due to honest business. And this with the fact that Tymoshenko's government on everywhere is told about active by the antikorrupitsonnykh events which are held by her.



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