Балога suspects that BYuT and PR agreed to deprive of Yushchenko of a chair

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BYuT and Party of Regions prepare the constitutional revolution which ultimate goal consists in formation and fixing of two-party system, abolition of a position of the President.

As reported the UNIAN in a press - service of the President of Ukraine, the head of the Secretariat of the President Victor BALOGA declared it, making comments on actions of fractions of the Verkhovna Rada in the first day of work of parliament.

He considers that already the first discussions concerning the agenda of the third session of the Verkhovna Rada, the priorities published by political forces visually testified that the parliamentary majority didn't develop the uniform, coordinated position on important for the state inside - and to foreign policy problems, than confirmed existence of serious internal contradictions in the coalition.

According to V. BALOGI, inability of fractions of the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" block and BYuT to the consolidated actions which became the reason of long non-performance of coalition obligations, gradually becomes irreversible.

At the same time the head of the Secretariat accused BYuT of withdrawal from the coalition and interaction with opposition party of regions and communists that becomes more and more obvious.

According to him, today in Rada "one more act of legalization of this triumvirate when were проголосованы offers concerning consideration of bills (about changes in laws on Cabinet of Ministers, the Constitutional Court, temporary commissions of inquiry) who in total will create the basis to the constitutional revolution" took place.

According to V. BALOGI, such actions strengthen crisis processes in the Verkhovna Rada and create risks and threats of nation-wide scale.

"Today "byutovets" and "regionals" continued movement to implementation of the plans for recutting of political system and power usurpation. As conductors for them their ideologists and patrons serve in Moscow who want to take a revenge for events of 2004 and to make the operated country which becomes the convenient instrument of achievement of geopolitical and geoeconomic interests of Russia of Ukraine. The developed V. MEDVEDCHUKOM by request of Yu. Tymoshenko the scenario of creation of a crisis situation in Ukraine as the first step, provides weakening of the majority.This part is assigned to BYuT which constantly and systemically blocked implementation of the coalition agreement. Further - discredit and coalition disorder then BYuT fractions and Party of Regions, having united, change the legislation and lift an electoral threshold that on early elections to ensure domination in new structure of Council. At the same time communists at the request of Yu. Tymoshenko under far-fetched occasions initiate the beginning of procedure of impeachment to the President. Thus, under the threat there is a political system of Ukraine and its existence as independent country", - considers V. BALOGA.

Thus he noted that the Secretariat of the President repeatedly warned about active preparation of BYuT and PR for realization of such plans.

This interaction, in his opinion, - the fact also means formation of the new majority in the Verkhovna Rada. Various links that between these forces there is no formal agreement on coalition creation, don't change the main point. "Finally, by the legislation the civil marriage is equated to legalized in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Therefore cooperation of "byutovets" and "regionals" should be estimated already not from positions of that, there is such union or not, and from the point of view of threats from it for national interests", - the head of the Secretariat of the President considers.


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