Yury Karmazin: It is necessary to stop fighting for a mace

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Conversations on changes of the Constitution don't stop for a minute. Each political force wishes to remake the Basic law after the own fashion. The president as it is conducted, wants to increase the powers, parliamentarians defend парламентско - a presidential government.

About, whether it is necessary to change now the Constitution, ForUm I decided to talk to the deputy who directly took part in its writing. In exclusive interview to the edition the People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VI convocation, the member of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND Yury Karmazin told about bills of changes of the Basic law which prepare in BYuT and in PR and as about reality of acceptance of 7% of an electoral threshold at parliamentary elections.

- Yury Anatolyevich, recently BYuT declared that won't achieve increase of an electoral threshold on elections in BP. Whether costs, on - to yours, to lift a barrier to 7-9%?

- People who want to lift an electoral threshold is public enemies. Our Constitution provides a direct, equal electoral right. It means that no barrier should exist. If political force collected at least one vote, it has to be presented in parliament.

Yulia Timoshenko on the second coalition collecting told that in spite of the fact that there is a project of one from members of BYuT about increase of an electoral threshold to 7%, she guarantees that its block won't support it. It was declared that BYuT will achieve preservation of a three-percent barrier, and, maybe, and its decrease. I think that the Ukrainian democracy will live until in parliament will some political forces are presented.

- Whether it is possible to expect entering into parliament of the bill on modification of the Constitution how it was declared by Yulia Timoshenko next week?

- I think, Yulia Vladimirovna got excited. Today the consensus between the President, the prime minister and the head of the Secretariat is necessary to society. If it isn't, can happen not only early parliamentary, but also early presidential election.

It is possible to change the Constitution. It is debalanced by those changes which were made in 2005. But it is possible to do it when the tranquillity reigns in society.In a present situation for Ukraine harmfully in general to speak about change of the Basic law. I call both the President, and the prime minister, and all political forces not to divide the Constitution and powers. To the president as to the commander-in-chief, and powers so suffice. I would advise those politicians whom the Constitution doesn't arrange, to leave from the posts.

Ukraine as the independent state began the way the parliamentary republic. In 1993 accepted a position of the President. Pulling of ropes began. We remember why dismissed National guard. It was made because she under the Constitution submitted to the Verkhovna Rada, as a counterbalance dictatorship.

- There was information that BYuT and PR prepare the joint draft constitution. How you can comment on it?

- I will tell more, I prepared the draft constitution one and a half years ago. I thought that it will be necessary for someone. Now each political force develops the vision of the Basic law. But those changes and additions which are prepared by BYuT, aren't opinion of all fraction, that is the fraction still specifically offered nothing. There is no final version of the project neither at BYuT, nor at Party of Regions. They have a different vision, but many of them agree that to consider this question now is unsafe.

I will vote for one change in the Constitution that powers of the President remained such what they are now, two more years. It is necessary to stop fight for a mace.

- Victor Yushchenko considers that the order on roads needs to be brought, since authorities. What do you think of this initiative? Whether fined you sometime?

- Thank God, me didn't fine. I consider that nonprofessional actions including the President, led to those results which we have. You remember the decree liquidation of GAI? The president had no right to publish the similar document because existence of GAI is stipulated in laws of Ukraine, to change which only the Verkhovna Rada has the right.

Today the integrated approach is necessary to us, it is necessary to adopt the code of laws concerning traffic. It will give 10% of improvement.

Now it is necessary to put a marking on 117 thousand kilometers of roads. Last year 56% were put only. Now roads at us aren't shined, on them there go the American cars, but roads at us not the American.It is necessary to establish one and a half thousand kilometers of protections, at least. Established only 17% and this with the fact that scientists proved that protections can reduce number of the road accidents connected with departure of the car for borders of the road, by 50%. If to put a marking on all roads, it will reduce number of road accident by 20-30%.

About 8 thousand road accidents occurred from - that there was no external lighting, 1524 persons were lost. Besides, the majority of roads pass through settlements. Now it is necessary to construct rounds of these settlements, thereby we will reduce number of accidents three times.

As for plundering of road fund. Now there are 40% of "kickback", that is at construction of any road 40% of budgetary funds were stolen. The road condition in Ukraine is worse, than in Belarus because there put for the slightest theft, and at us similar "kickbacks" are entered into a rank of a state policy.

Accidents at us also because in Kiev the "space" mayor who moves on space. In the capital 572 traffic lights urgently demand replacement. In a year we reconstruct 29-35 traffic lights. In others than the city of Ukraine and that it is less.

- Approaches on May 9. What relation at you by this holiday? In your family somebody was at war?

- It is the biggest holiday for our country. My parents - children of war. At that time they couldn't be at war yet, but grandfathers and uncles took part in battles. My grandfather four times burned in the tank. Its last contusion was so terrible that left a dent in the head. All of them died, but us brought up with understanding of that they were Saint people and passed the sacred road. Nothing from this can be forgotten. It is necessary to remember a feat of soldiers and to draw conclusions.


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