"Ozerka" extends at the expense of citizens under patronage of the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk

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In Dnepropetrovsk there was the next illegal construction. It is carried out in the downtown, in the territory adjacent to the Central market "Ozerka" on Schmidt St. from Bobrov Street to Karl Marx Avenue, and also about old circus.

Today in this place hard works on a construction of capital trade pavilions to what deep trenches, numerous holes for support and frameworks from metal rods for base filling eloquently testify.
Thus, the Central market "Ozerka" broadens the territory with a way of self-capture of the earth which belongs to a territorial bulk of Dnepropetrovsk, that is all inhabitants of the megalopolis.

The management of the Ozerka market considers as the formal basis for carrying out these construction works the order of the mayor Ivan Kulichenko "About the organization of marketing of JSC KP Tsentralny rynok on Schmidt St. (Kirovsky district)".
The specified order, in effect, provided to a foot site throughout a house ¹ 113 on K. Marx Ave. the status of the territory of marketing that contradicts the acting Veterinarno - to health regulations for the markets approved by the order of Minagropolitiki of Ukraine from 04.06.1996 ¹23 according to which the distance from the market to residential and public buildings has to be not less than 50 meters.

Such rough violation of the Law by the mayor already caused negative reaction of the public. A number of the organizations flayed to Ivan Kulichenko. So, in one of the statements which text "Informant" has, about illegal building it is said that "in GLAVAPU of any documents on this object on consideration and coordination it wasn't provided. Management of land resources and service of the state land registry in this area didn't consider a question of allocation of the land plot. Management of control of city improvement on earthwork in this area provided the warrant to nobody. In city department of management of control of use and earth protection information of rather begun land works is absent. Inspection architecturally - construction control of city council of permission to performance of construction works didn't provide; works which are conducted now, in inspection aren't registered.

On executive committee of city council of a question of assignment of the land plot in the specified territory for the organization of marketing it wasn't considered, the decision of city council on this matter wasn't made. About such "trifle" as public hearings according to the project of building of this territory, at all not there is a speech.

Thus, without the project approved in accordance with the established procedure, without land allocation, without coordination, without permissions and warrants, without decision of city council, capital pavilions on Bobrovaya St., on the earth to which the Ozerka market has no relation were constructed on the base. And "Ozerki's" guide tries to construct the same capital constructions now on Schmidt St.".

However, despite all protests while to any reaction not from the mayor Ivan Kulichenko, from his subordinates didn't follow. Can all the matter is that the director "Ozerki" Victoria Perebeynos is the deputy of the City Council from Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, the only political force supporting in city parliament of Ivan Ivanovich?

… Thanks to loud campaigns for liquidation of the illegal markets which were widely advertized by mass media, Ivan Kulichenko earned rather big points in two election campaigns. Today we see attempt, already with the assistance of the mayor, again to turn city streets into continuous trading floor. The latest events are typical manifestation of shameful practice zemelno - construction дерибана which captured our city in days of Ivan Kulichenko's board.

Pavel MUHIN.


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