Tymoshenko personally controls capture of port of "Youzhny"?

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Change of the management of port "Southern", occurred on the night of May 7 happened under direct control of the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko. Such conclusion can be drawn from the document which has got to the order "Phrases". This document Yulia Timoshenko gives an assignment to the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Justice to control implementation of the decision of Voroshilovsky regional court on which recently displaced director of port Yury Kruk is reinstated.

Edition From-UA notes that as Vladimir Vasilyev on a press - conferences in "Interfax" reported on May 8, in Youzhny port his former deputy, 29 - summer Yury Kruk tries to seize power. Vladimir Vasilyev showed a plot of amateur shooting on which "storm" was imprinted. Ten-ton construction equipment broke a building wall in two places. "It occurred in the face of the power. Same militia. And here, they stood all and silently looked at the events. It was as in the horror film", - one more participant noticed a press - conferences, Sergey Tikhopilov, the editor-in-chief of the Veksel newspaper.

In this situation there are two juicy moments.

In - the first, attack to port and Tymoshenko's personal control of a course of her carrying out gained obviously party character as the new director, Yury Kruk, though has no neither experience, nor skills to direct such big and strategically important enterprise for Ukraine, but thus is the son of the People's Deputy - byutovets, and, quite probably, this fact became the reason of such care of the prime minister about destiny of very inexperienced director.

And, in - the second, the decision of Voroshilovsky regional court of the city of Donetsk to which Tymoshenko refers, was accepted "in absentia". Earlier, on March 21, the Voroshilovsky regional court of the city of Donetsk, passed the opposite decision, having approved the new director Vasilyev at the position. But already on April 25... I cancelled the decision, having called it "correspondence" and having created truly unprecedented in the history of jurisprudence a case.

Before mass media reported about plans of the government to privatize the Odessa port plant. Appeal of this object will increase if to plant moorings of Youzhny port adjoining to it depart. To carry out this plan, to Cabinet of Ministers, obviously, and the person as the chief of port is necessary.


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