Yury Lutsenko reads out illogical departure of ministers from "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" Block fraction from cabinet council of Ministers.

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He told about it to journalists.

"It isn't absolutely logical - to do such demonstrations to the detriment of the main work, all - anybody doesn't dismiss them", - he told.

In his opinion, it is possible to make any statements, without breaking government meeting.

At the same time Lutsenko noted that everyone has the right for the manner of behavior.

The minister also considers refusal of ministers of NUNS to take part in government meeting not absolutely correct as at meeting many important questions concerning them departments were considered.

Lutsenko reported that personally he both worked, and will continue to work.

As it was reported, morning of 11 ministers working in the Cabinet on a quota of Blok "Our Ukraine - National Self-defense, left cabinet council of Ministers for carrying out consultations on current situation in the coalition.

On September 2 the parliamentary fraction of the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" Block decided to leave the coalition.

At the same time the deputy group "National Self-defense" which leader is Lutsenko, opposes an exit of fraction of the NUNS Block from the coalition with Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc fraction.


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