Simonenko: our President is engaged only горшиками and bones

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Ukrainian - the Russian relations depend not on change of the president in Russia, and on policy in Ukraine. And first of all from the policy directed on protection of our national interests and development of strategy accurate and clear to all of relationship of Ukraine with Russia.

The People's Deputy, the head of KPU fraction Pyotr Simonenko reported about it.

It isn't necessary to nod towards Russia on change of the president, this their internal affair and the right of voters, the politician considers: "They have an accurate position of protection of the interests, and we have to protect interests of the state. Therefore I suggest not to nod towards Russia, and first of all to ask politicians of Ukraine as far as we on - to the present have a doctrine of cooperation with the Russian Federation, ensuring energy security and many other things".

"If we have a President and his environment are engaged only in pots and bones, certainly, it isn't clear to Russia then, in what interests of Ukraine and how they would like to solve problems of energy security. To us will suffice to indulge the President and his oligarchs. It will badly end for Ukraine. We already now see it. I warned last year, what gas will be on 300 dollars, in what price now gas? Today it is necessary all possible means to force the President and his environment to formulate accurate policy of the external relations with Russia", - Pyotr Simonenko told.


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