URGENTLY! In Kharkov cleaning of ranks

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Full and final disorder of the coalition pushed the main player of the Ukrainian big-time politics of the President to resolute actions. It seems that on Bank seriously reflected on the forthcoming fight and began cleaning of ranks. Carried out a full regrouping of the main militiamen of the country, writes "Z".

It is worth making a reservation at once, the President is understood not as the certain taken personality Victor Yushchenko, and rather political force, institute of the Supreme power with the Secretariat of the President, a leverage and the great intriguer Victor Balogoy, where without it. On behalf of the President Baloga, than Yushchenko acts more often. However to learn precisely who became the generator of idea of cleaning of ranks and regroupings of future brother-soldiers, most likely it won't be possible and it is fine.

Yesterday the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko dismissed from a position of the head of department of Security service of Ukraine in Andrey Mukhatayev's Kharkov area. Reasons for leaving in the Decree of the head of state aren't specified. However Mukhatayev shouldn't suffer to one - the chief of USBU in the Kirovograd area Vladimir Verkhoglyad on the same day appointed the head of USBU in the Dnepropetrovsk area, Vladimir Karpenko from a position of head of USBU in the Dnepropetrovsk area also were dismissed and is appointed the chief of USBU in the Kirovograd area, Vladimir Doroshenko is transferred from a position of head of USBU in the Volynsk area to a position of the head of USBU in the Sumy area, the President dismissed Sergey Ratiyev from a position of head of USBU in the Luhansk region which was headed now by Pavel Doroshenko. Alexander Polkovnichenko dismissed by the President from USBU post of the head in the Sumy area is appointed to Kharkov. The relevant decrees of the President are also published on the official site of the President of Ukraine.

Reference: Alexander Nikolaevich Polkovnichenko was appointed the head of SBU of the Sumy area on March 19, 2005. According to the Sumy site "Dankor", it was born on March 23, 1951 in Harkovshchina. Since 1976, after the termination of the Kharkov legal institute, I worked in state security bodies. In the spring of this year the rank "The honored lawyer of Ukraine" is appropriated to it.

Reference: Andrey Mukhatayev headed SBU management in the Kharkov area in May 2006-го. I differed from the predecessors bigger publicity. With small years regional management of SBU Mukhatayev regularly supported two managements in a role ньюз - the maker of regional scale.The city authorities repeatedly accused Andrey Mukhatayev of excessive politicization and demanded his resignation.

The first round is made, the first, but is already exact not the last. The city authorities of Kharkov will beat the breast, Mikhail Dobkin will shout that Andrey Mukhatayev dismissed at his personal request, but it is exact hardly. The SBU in the last four years plays very important role in a political discourse of the country, thus always remaining the most faithful supporter and the ally of the President. The main militiamen of the state helped out more than once Bank when control over other law enforcement agencies is weak or at all came to naught. Ukrainian "security officers" are people of the President for all 100%, and sometimes and for 120%. Cleaning of their close formation speaks only about one - ranks aren't so harmonous as someone would like (read to Baloge and etc. ).

It is simpler to explain a regrouping, than to build assumptions, for what Andrey Mukhatayev was specifically dismissed. To throw fresh forces, to pour in new blood, to encourage structure before fight, if not decisive, precisely strategically the important. That the Decree of the President left in day of disorder of the coalition too very symbolically. Now the parliament has one month, new heads of SBU have the same month in regions that пообвыкнуться and to be ready to rise "under a gun" at any time. SBU (read Baloga and etc. ) densely holds a hand on political pulse of the country and we are at any time ready to change necessary body for legalization of desires arriving with Bank. We will remind, the similar situation already was a year ago when RNBO in fact substituted for itself the illegitimate Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and legalized desires of the President, a clever move. We assume that in case of need of SBU can change the State Office of Public Prosecutor and militia which deviates influence with Bank of - for hostility of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Yury Lutsenko and Victor Balogi more and more.

Anyway, and in the forthcoming storm the President plans to count only on 100%. Probably, such desire is connected with last year's failure with "golden boy" Yury Lutsenko who from completely loyal ally of the President turned, it is rather in the opponent, if yet the enemy. Балога doesn't want to repeat the mistakes and to become on the same rake therefore all "pseudo - loyal" move away.

The SBU business won't be limited.It isn't excluded that soon the President will remember internal troops which from last year don't submit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from - for ex-the minister Tsushko who used them as the tool in political struggle. Then the President through the National Security and Defense Council disengaged internal troops from system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and subordinated them directly to itself, thereby having added still very powerful lever. This year an attempt of rehabilitation of National guard, however the project was made failed. After internal troops, probably, shifts in structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will follow, however, on how many it becomes possible with disloyal Bank Lutsenko, will show time. Also probably the President will make the next attempt to replace the General prosecutor but as practice such invention shows, most likely will bring nothing, but attempt not torture. Shifts and dismissals, most likely, not to concern army, it and will be supervised by Yury Ekhanurov who showed the last four years inviolability of the positions and stood firm for the President.

Nevertheless, Kharkov again caused a stir, became the base for strengthening of positions of the President (read Balogi). According to some mass media, Victor Yushchenko even personally arrived to Kharkov to dismiss Mukhatayev, however this information isn't confirmed and in general, hardly has chance of existence: very fantastically sounds.


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