Alexander Kuzmuk: "Yushchenko set a record in general "shooting stars"

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko violates legislation requirements, unreasonably appropriating a large number of general ranks.

It was declared by the member of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security and defense general Alexander Kuzmuk yesterday after committee meeting.

Kuzmuk reported that at today's meeting of committee People's Deputies considered, among other things, information concerning assignment in 2008 of the highest officer ranks (the general - an edition).

Kuzmuk explained that it is caused by that "shooting stars" which took place this year on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine, considering a large number appropriated by decrees of the President of ranks of the highest officers.

As the People's Deputy reported, this year by the Independence Day the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko appropriated 85 general ranks, and also 31 so-called "a civil general rank" state councilors of 1-3 degrees.

"For the contemporary history of Ukraine it, probably, the record on assignment of such quantity of general ranks", - was noted by Kuzmuk.

In particular, he reported that to the military personnel are appropriated 28 highest officer ranks, plus one "the general - the major" a stock, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in addition there were 15 generals, in Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 7, in the Ministry of questions of emergency situations - 9, in tax police - 7, in the Public border service - 5, in Service of foreign intelligence - 4, in State department concerning execution of punishments - 4, in Management of the state protection 3 general ranks, in Security service - 2, in the Public special transport service - 1 are in addition appropriated.

Kuzmuk also reported that in the state became more and on two generals of Ukraine (this highest military rank - an edition). "And ranks "the general of Ukraine" are appropriated to heads of almost law enforcement agencies that doesn't answer tradition and common sense", - the People's Deputy considers, reports "UNIAN".

He noted that "The president disposable entered such contingent of generals which all exists for today in the Bundeswehr where the quantity of staff equals 245 thousand military personnel".

"As to the military, unfortunately, to me annoyingly that the highest officer ranks which first of all have to receive the best: who deserved who really orders big military formations - today remind "gratitude in a gift case". Ranks are appropriated and overestimated unreasonably that doesn't answer that volume of official duties. It becomes for the "necessary" people", - Kuzmuk is convinced.

In this regard, the People's Deputy noted that the BP Committee concerning national security and defense is concerned by such state of affairs. "In particular, and therefore that it occurs in very difficult time for the state. When the military rank is handed over as encouragement, as a gift. It puts the military person in an image of the grateful person", - he told.

Kuzmuk noted that it is necessary to bring a lawful order to this sphere and to strengthen parliamentary control.

"We don't see other way to stop such nonsense, violation of all laws and existing traditions. Therefore the committee decided to make changes to the relevant laws which, in particular, determine quantity of general ranks in Ukraine, and also compliance by it these or those positions. The Verkhovna Rada on representation of the President has to approve it. Thus personal consideration of candidates for receiving a general rank has to pass through profile committee of parliament", - Kuzmuk summed up.

At the same time he emphasized that "such position of the President leads to devaluation of authority and prestige of a general rank, its transformation into gifts and encouragement".


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