Foreign shipowners "clang bells" and urge to stop corruption in the Nikolaev ports

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Image of Ukraine on the international scene, recently, leaves much to be desired. With the similar statement though will be wishing to argue, but on their arguments there will be a mass of others who, most likely, will appear much more powerful.

In that, both in the east, and in the West speak about Ukraine more bad, than good, ourselves are guilty. On the one hand representatives of the Ukrainian opposition try as it is possible to declare more loudly that at the present power the situation to the country worsens every day, and, becomes worse on all indicators: democratic freedoms are displaced, political repressions and corruption prosper, human rights are everywhere violated and "arrivals" on economic freedoms of citizens are made.. On the other hand the power, despite statements for carrying out reforms, fight against corruption, honest justice and many other, can't brag of achievements and at the same time dares "to snap" at "councils" which sound from the world community … These are all games of the power and opposition it is very important to them "to catch favorable opinion", at the same time and illusion of support of own position, Europe, Russia, the USA … That at one that at others it, frankly speaking, poorly it turns out and, from - for it, instead of "pluses" for own political forces, "blows" to image are received by all country. It seems that world institutions got confused in all these artful designs of the Ukrainian politicians and don't hurry to sound any accurate assessments of the situation which developed in Ukraine.

If world political leaders, most likely and show further "tolerance" in the estimates, the businessmen having business relations with our enterprises, and foreign investors whom under any pretext the Ukrainian authorities, seemingly, try "to entice" into the country to suffer that what they face in Ukraine, will be yet long.No, they will declare too nothing, and it is simple to turn away from "a granary of Europe" and very much for a long time … Push foreign investors who are able to count the money and very much don't love contingencies, especially what differently as expenses on payment of corruption it is impossible to call, the people, urged to represent the Ukrainian state.

It is a question of a situation in the Ukrainian ports.

At the beginning of 2011 "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that the representation of Liberia in International Maritime Organization (IMO) addressed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with the complaint on corruption and an arbitrariness of supervisory authorities in the ports of Ukraine. Then the authoritative Comments edition published the complaint from foreigners in which they signaled about the corruption facts in one of the Nikolaev ports.

We will remind that in the complaint which "flew" practically about all Ukrainian mass media, the following was told:

"on December 13, 2010 the vessel Lisbon Trader under the flag of Liberia came into Nikolaev port. During parking in port, according to the captain, contrary to the international practice except obligatory port collecting $3650 were illegally collected. In particular, there were paid cash $1500 for carrying out operations with sewage and $1750 for obtaining permission to carrying out operations with ballast waters. As explained to the captain of a vessel, "not to carry out their laboratory analysis which could take some days and lead to demurrage waiting for its results". After payment of the specified sum aboard there arrived three inspectors who after sampling for the analysis reported that the vessel can pump out ballast waters. It was offered to captain to pay $400 more not to carry out port State control. It is thus reported that in case of refusal from payment of this sum on a vessel complete control in connection with the revealed crack in the mechanism of return of a lifeboat" will be carried out.

Then, at the beginning of 2011 when the document was published by the Comments edition in spite of the fact that it was a question of Nikolaev port, in a press - service NMTP hastened to assure that this situation at all doesn't concern the Nikolaev sea trade port and threw a switch on the port which is located in the Zhovtnevy region of the Nikolaev area, but enters NMTP water area.

During that scandal it was emphasized that it for the first time for years of independence the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine received the complaint through International Maritime Organization concerning corruption in the Ukrainian ports and it was given by situations still to a bigger piquancy.

And here, later half a year, in the order "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" similar documents in which the foreign shipowner again "clangs bells" got and points to corruption which prospers in the water area of the Nikolaev port. If the first case could be written off for "accident", each subsequent signal of similar corruption acts - a hint on regularity.

The complaint about which there is a speech, came through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, to be exact, in Embassy of Ukraine in Great Britain the Constant representative of the Marshall Islands in International Maritime Organization (IMO) who signaled that in Dnepro - Bugsky port at the captain of the vessel MELOS dsvjufkb money addressed.

"On April 15 the current year representatives of the port authorities (customs, immigration service, etc.) extorted $1500 for registration of a vessel and the corresponding refusal of supervisory authorities of carrying out detailed check of a vessel. The captain of a vessel and the shipowner refused it, but the freighter paid the demanded sum of means", - it is spoken in the document.

In addition, the Constant representative of the Marshall Islands in International Maritime Organization, paid attention that these cases not single and get systemacity signs, and in this port. The foreigner gave one more fact in confirmation of the words.

"On April 5 this year at the captain of a vesselGENKOLOIRE extorted $3500 forthat won't begin to insist on implementation provided by the law and rules of operations concerning the treatment of waste and lyalny waters", - it is spoken in the document.

About that these complaints of the Constant representative of the Marshall Islands in International Maritime Organization are insignificant hardly anyone - that will dare to claim. The complaint arrived, and what further? What conclusions, results of trial, possible personnel decisions?

According to information "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", having received this information, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, signed by the deputy minister E.Nikitenko, sent her for trial to the profile ministries - the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, the Public customs service of Ukraine, the Public migratory service of Ukraine, the State ecological inspection of Ukraine and Security service of Ukraine. From there these complaints with cover letters in which it is spoken about need of carrying out the corresponding functional audit checks, were lowered on representations of the above structures and sent to prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area.

Here the copy of this cover letter which came to the address of the Nikolaev customs, signed by the deputy head of the Public customs service S. Derivolkov.

Letters of the similar contents came and to regional representations stated above.

Meanwhile "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" has no official documents in which would there be a speech about results of functional audit checks in regional departments, but at the same time, we managed to communicate to sources in a row regional departments where similar letters came.

In particular, sources in the same customs, confirmed that an inspection was really carried out, but was only that employees of customs change which kept the watch that day in Dnepro - Bugsky port were interrogated. The source claims that check took place quite quietly and no "resonance" had. At the same time, we managed to communicate to the high-ranking customs officer who some time ago worked in the Nikolaev customs, and he declared that earlier if similar paper comes, many long time couldn't sleep peacefully, not that today …

And to it, according to all interlocutors "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" to which it was succeeded to communicate on this subject, there is a logical explanation, on a situation with customs so precisely.

All interlocutors sounded the same chain of communications which conducts to, there is enough, to the known person in Nikolaev, concerning to business connected with a customs clearance of goods. It is a question of the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council from Party of Regions - inhabitant of Odessa Felix Olszewski.

Felix Olszewski is the director general of the Yang — Mark the Terminal company which owns the customs terminal in the city of Nikolaev - in the residential district "Varvarovka".In spite of the fact that Olszewski - the inhabitant of Odessa, in time "works" in Nikolaev it managed to find a common language with many officials and most of all succeeded in "conquest" of customs officers, than many and explain prompt development of the company which he heads. How this "common language" a subject for the separate publication was found.

According to interlocutors, customs posts in ports are "supervised", if I may say so, by the deputy head of regional customs - a certain Yury Vyyun who is "Olszewski's person". Further conclusions arise by itself …

If it is valid so, the only question - whether is known about it by Nikolay Kruglov, after all if knew, long ago would put to the place of the member of the same party. For now image and investment appeal of the Nikolaev area suffers.

But we will return to a situation with corruption in the Nikolaev ports which foreign shipowners declare. Similar signals arrive with an enviable regularity and if soon it am not accepted any effective the mayor, consequences, first of all for the Nikolaev area, can be very and very deplorable.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine repeatedly received signals of corruption in country ports. In particular, the Association of the Turkish shipowners complained of similar problems in the letter in KMU.

The situation with barefaced extortion in ports which enter the water area of the Nikolaev sea trade port, seemingly, accepts such scope that many large shipowners forbid the vessels to come into these ports. About it it is absolutely barefaced, during conversations "not for the press", very dear people concerning navigable business speak. The pier, actually each vessel coming into our ports, is exposed to pressure from customs officers, ecologists... And they note that in the Odessa port, for example, the situation is much better. Proceeding from it, remains a riddle - how NMTP still manage to be reported about the continuous growth of transfer of freights.

We will remind that telling about this subject half a year ago the Comments edition wrote that methods of pressure of tax specialists on captains of ships different, but are the cornerstone one principles: threat of long idle time or vessel detention. Thus the sum of some thousands of dollars that is much less than a cost of daily demurrage is usually extorted. And it pushes the captain and the shipowner to making decision on bribery.

Ecologists, in difference from customs officers, - people more "creative" therefore also schemes of extortion think out much more изощренны. Favourite way of pressure upon the captain from ecologists - operations with a ballast. We will explain that the isolated ballast is the outside water admitted to ballast system of a vessel which is isolated from other systems and vessel rooms. Before receiving result of analyses dumping of a ballast is forbidden, and from - for it it is impossible to perform cargo works. But it only florets, and berries can become results of the analysis if the captain in due time "does not settle" a problem before sampling. Then tests will be unsatisfactory according to the content of the weighed substances (clay, sand, silt, the suspendirovannykh of organic and inorganic substances) or gland (both parameters often read off scale). Without penetrating into standards, it is enough to tell that maximum permissible concentration of the weighed substances and iron in a ballast are lower, than in the state sanitary standards for drinking water.

Once again we will dare to repeat if soon the situation doesn't change, it will be possible to forget about development of the port sphere, and together with it and about arrival of investors, after all information on similar things disperses immediately.

It seems that without outside influence, including the governor, SBU and prosecutor's office, departments won't be able to deal with corrupt officials, after all if could, long ago already would consult. In most cases, department can't effectively struggle with corrupt officials in itself.

It should be noted one more very important point - for foreign shipowners, captains of foreign vessels not so important who from them demands a bribe: roofing felts it is the customs officer, roofing felts - the ecologist, roofing felts - the representative of port administration … In the majority of the countries of the world, for seamen who come into this or that port, these all services are reduced to one concept - "the port authorities". For all actions of "the port authorities" bears responsibility of people who is responsible for the port water area. Where its principled stand on the matter, after all mechanisms for response to similar situations in hands are available for it.

It is unambiguously necessary to bring an order and to eradicate the similar facts. And whether it will turn out to make it common efforts will show time …

Andrey Semenov, specially for Crime. Is NOT PRESENT


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