Vitrenko "disperses" the Nikolaev deputies

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On taken place yesterday, on August 3 presidium of the Central Committee of PSPU the decision on a response 30-ти deputies of local councils of various regions of Ukraine was made. Among them there were also seven deputies in the Nikolaev area. Presidium verdict is as follows: to deprive of deputy powers of deputies of local councils from Blok of Natalia Vitrenko "The national opposition", dared to leave block structure according to which lists they and passed in a certain council (regional, regional in area, city, regional in the city).

According to this decision, to the mandates can shortly say goodbye:

- The Nikolaev regional council - two deputies: Ilya Labas and Lyubov Kobylyanskaya. Both deputies at different times left Natalia Mikhaylovna's fraction. Ilya Labas became "vnefraktsionnik", and Kobylyanskaya passed into fraction of Communist party. Moreover, Lyubov Kobylyanskaya left PSPU and entered KPU.

- The Nikolaev city council - Bronislav Dolgosheev, Vadim Akhanchonok, Sergej Choubin, Lilia Lyakh. In September 2007-го years at City Council session these deputies declared creation of new fraction - "Liberally - socialist Nikolayevshchina". 10-го July 2008-го years on XXV-oh the above-named deputies declared sessions of city council dissolution of the fraction and entered into fraction "National opposition - RUSSIA party which also is "splinter" of fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition".

- Voznesensky city council - Lina Labas. At once after elections 2006-го years it left fraction structure.

Correspondents of News - N received comments concerning the decision of Presidium of the Central Committee of PSPU at two of those whom this decision directly concerns - deputies of the Nikolaev regional council Ilya Labas and Lyubov Kobylyanskaya.

According to Ilya Labas, without party congress at party leadership hardly it will turn out to withdraw deputies.Though, according to him, our laws are constructed so that the party management can manipulate the deputies who have passed on lists any of parties, holding them that is called "on a hook".

- Me and my wife Lina Labas excluded from ranks of the party in defiance of the Charter and all moral principles, - Ilya Ivanovich claims. - Then big swindle was carried out, and the group of careerists who pushed away from itself thousands Party members came to the power in party.

Apropos Lina Labas, Ilya Ivanovich noted that in the area she at people enjoys huge authority. And when on plenum it excluded from ranks of the party, ordinary voters asked Natalia Vitrenko and Vladimir Marchenko not to do it.

The deputy of regional council Lyubov Kobylyanskaya consisting nowadays in KPU fraction, is skeptical about that "objectionable" deputies will deprive of the mandate only because so solved the party management.

- The law has no retroactive force, - she speaks. - The law adopted in January - month, and I left in November. And as the law was adopted when I already, in fact, consisted in other party, in other fraction, it turns out that they make a claim not personally to me, and to the whole fraction.

However, she notes that in case of the response doesn't intend to have legal proceedings with party as it doesn't hold the deputy mandate. Though she pays attention that the work in party she more than deserved the right to be the deputy.

- Otherwise, I will withdraw the anthem of party written by me and my husband which is operated by PSPU for several years. I it didn't give party. They have no rights for intellectual property, - Lyubov Kobylyanskaya declares.

It should be noted that the decision on a response of deputies was made by five (!) people: the head of executive committee of the block Vladimir Marchenko, members of executive committee Evgeny Gashko, Pavel Baulin (the leader of "provitrenkovsky" party "Kievan Rus'"), Ivan Simonenko (the Russko — the Ukrainian Union (RUSSIA) party leader who went in one block with Vitrenko's party on elections 2006-го years), Natalia Vitrenko (the permanent leader of PSPU throughout 12-ти years).

We will remind that earlier, 8-го July 2007-го years, at congress in the city of Nikolaev the similar decision on a response of deputies, but any advance in it was already made wasn't noticed.


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