According to poll of Institute of sociology of NAN of Ukraine: In Rada pass 4 political forces. WELL - NANOSECOND on the verge

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In case of holding early parliamentary elections of 3% operating for today ый the Party of Regions, Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc can break an electoral threshold, Blok Lytvyna and Communist party of Ukraine, and on the verge of passing is the block our Ukraine - National self-defense.

As the project manager of research declared, the employee of institute of sociology at NAN of Ukraine Alexander Vishnyak, the majority of Ukrainians are intended to take part in early elections (70% of respondents) if those take place, 25% of respondents won't come to vote and 6,7% of respondents couldn't answer this question.

Provided that the respondent will take part in vote and on a question its vote would be given for what political force, the majority would support Party of Regions - 26,6%.

On the second place there was BYuT - 22,2%. Further KPU - 5,4%, Blok of Litvin of 5,1% follow. The WELL block - NANOSECOND would gain 3,9% and is on the verge of an electoral threshold, considering a statistical error of research. More than 9% of respondents declared that will vote against all and 19,7% yet weren't defined.

If an election of the president of Ukraine would take place in 2008, part in vote would be taken by nearly three quarters of Ukrainians. About 20% wouldn't go to elections and were at a loss with the answer of 5,3% of respondents.

The majority of respondents at presidential election would support the leader of opposition Victor Yanukovych - 27,8% and the acting prime minister Yulia Timoshenko - 22,5%. Further the leader of KPU Pyotr Simonenko - 5%, the present president Victor Yushchenko - 4,7% and the parliamentary floor leader Blok of Litvin Vladimir Litvin - 3,8% follows. Against all 7,5% are intended to vote, and more than 20% yet weren't defined.

Sociological survey was conducted from August 15 to August 27 by Institute of sociology of NAN of Ukraine by request of the Ukrainian Forum fund in all regions of Ukraine. In total 1800 respondents were interrogated.

At the last parliamentary elections in the fall of 2007 in the Verkhovna Rada passed 5 parties and blocks: Party of the region in I received 34,37%, BYuT - 30,71%, the block our Ukraine - National self-defense - 14,15%, Communist Party - 5,39%, Litvin's block - 3,96%.


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