The director regional power Antoshchenko, using a desperate situation, demands from горвласти 50 land plots?

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Inhabitants of the residential district Bogoyavlensky intend to appeal to the mayor of Nikolaev to give out to "Nikolayevoblenergo" of 50 land plots, in response to what the enterprise will invest construction of substation which will provide with the electric power all nearby houses. About it reports the Internet - the edition "Nikvesti".

It is known that many inhabitants of this residential district sit some years without light, as the transformer substation available there settled the power. However the city authorities which have to provide residents with all necessary communications, stay idle.

The next meeting of residents to which representatives regional power this time came, took place on Wednesday, July 6. As meeting was held in the working day, not all inhabitants of the residential district could come to it, however those who all - found opportunity, were adjusted categorically.

- I already practically completed here the house. But I can't move in it because there is no light. We with neighbors periodically gather, try to find the solution. In three years visited all organizations which could solve this problem, however the situation remains on a place. Someone lives on accumulators, and who and has light, it is necessary to be reconciled with weak tension. I am rescued with that there is other residence, and that who lives here constantly, very hard, - the owner of the housetoldOleg.

His words are confirmed also by the chairman of local cooperativeLeonid Bogachenko.

- I live here ten years. That substation which is, is calculated on 35 houses, and is connected to it already 45, apart from those who in general remains without electricity. The constant overload leads to that is often powered off. In the last two years all of us spent already about 22 thousand hryvnias for repair of networks. Further people aren't able to hand over money. Probably, for the authorities this area not really attractive, time they treat us so badly, - it stated.

Among inhabitants who came to the meeting, there was also the former player of a basketball team "Nikolaev"Alexander Rayevskywith a family. He told that bought here the house and some years in it lives, however light still isn't present, and therefore it is necessary to use the gas generator and accumulators.

It is known that at emergence of the Tavriya — In supermarket his owners received the construction license thanks to promises to the city authorities to construct substation which would provide with the electric power the residential district Bogoyavlensky. However time passed, and the management "Tavriya - In" didn't fulfill the assumed obligations.

Now inhabitants of the area had a new hope to be issued in the houses. "Nikolayevlobenergo" agrees to allocate from 15 to 18 million hryvnias (depending on the project) for development of power supply networks in the residential district but provided that the city power will allocate to the enterprise of 50 land plots under housing construction.

- "Nikolayevoblenergo" as the enterprise, doesn't allocate any land plots for itself. We addressed in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies for allocation of the land plots under housing construction for the staff of the enterprise who, as well as all citizens of the country, have on this right, - the director regional powerexplained in the comment to the editionYury Antoshchenko. - We can spend this sum for housing acquisition for the employees but as the city isn't able to finance development of power supply networks in the residential district Bogoyavlensky, we offer the mutually advantageous offer.

However, according to him, from the moment of inquiry in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies passed some months, and the city authorities still didn't make any decision.

- It is possible to put a big question mark - who against the area developed and what price? If the budget can pay today these 15-18 million only on power supply, let. But I have a doubt in this respect. The mayor on - master's has to be glad that investors who are ready to remove social stress came, - summarizedYury Antoshchenko.

We will remind that quite recently the mayorVladimir ChaikaI declared that he already agreed with "Nikolayevoblenergo" about allocation of the land plots and substation construction.

Who whom didn't understand - the regional power mayor or on the contrary - is unclear. N, about remembering history with "Tavriya", there is a question:in case the city authorities and the power company everything is will agree, whether it will turn out so that the land plots will be mastered, and light in the residential district won't appear. After all, as practice shows, the power of Nikolaev is powerless in fight for the rights of the citizens.


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