Yushchenko didn't restrain and wrote to Tymoshenko couple of tender letters

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Yushchenko wrote Yulia Timoshenko's letter concerning concern about a financial position of NAK "Neftegaz of Ukraine"

The press is told about it - services of the President in the message.

Yushchenko considers that the Cabinet has to in October - December to balance financial streams of NAKA by additional financing from the state budget and ensuring granting the company of the state guarantees for implementation of additional loans for the purpose of carrying out timely calculations for import natural gas.

The president reminded that on April 9 the Cabinet of Ministers accepted the financial plan "Neftegaz of Ukraine" by which repayment in 1 quarter of debt for the gas consumed in 2006-2007, creation of a resource of natural gas in underground storages of more than 14 billion cubic meters and repayment of debt on credits to the amount of 3,9 billion hryvnias was provided.

Besides, the financial plan provided increase for 25% of gas prices for the population in May - December; monthly increase (since June) for 3,5% of gas prices for the enterprises of municipal power system; financing at the expense of the state budget of compensation of a difference in tariffs of NAK "Neftegaz of Ukraine" from gas realization; receipt of dividends from the Ukrgaz — Power and Ukrneft companies for 2006-2007; attraction of the credits and another.

"Almost any of these provisions wasn't executed therefore the forecast of deficiency of means "Neftegaz of Ukraine" until the end of 2008 will make 8,9 billion hryvnias, and taking into account need of replenishment of an authorized capital of "Chernomorneftegaz" - 9,5 billion hryvnias", - are quoted by a press - Yushchenko's service.

According to the President, existence of the specified deficiency threatens creation of a resource of natural gas, sufficient for reliable providing consumers in a heating season of 2008-2009.

Besides, not less than 1 billion hryvnias this year it has to be in addition directed on implementation of obligations of the company on the credits,

"Therefore, National joint stock company "Neftegaz of Ukraine" the default according to the obligations again threatens", - Yushchenko told.

The president also paid attention that the Cabinet of Ministers actually ignored the National Security and Defense Council decision "About actions for stabilization of a financial condition of NAK "Neftegaz of Ukraine" and a situation in the market of natural gas", entered by the decree of February 14.

Victor Yushchenko also demands from the Cabinet to start urgently to realize the program of affordable housing.

On Thursday Yushchenko the prime minister - to the minister Yulia Timoshenko directed the letter in which noted stagnation in branches of construction and an inefficiency of a state policy on housing construction.

"Lack of adequate actions at the state level can lead to that volumes of construction of housing will start being reduced, the prices will keep at high level, and level of security of citizens housing will decrease", - is spoken in the letter.

The president noted that in 1 half-year investment in housing construction decreased by 0,8% while in 1 half-year 2007 this indicator grew by 44,7%.

According to Yushchenko, insufficient volumes of construction of not elite and inexpensive housing, inadequate to levels of the income of citizens a rise in prices for housing, growth of cost of building materials, problems of development of mortgage lending of the population, inefficient housing policy of the state are the reason of decrease.

Besides the President noted irrational budgetary financing of programs of construction of housing therefore the room turn doesn't move almost, and not unified selection criteria of citizens which need to provide housing, and also that the ban on resale of the received real estate isn't provided.

Yushchenko demands from Cabinet of Ministers to start urgently to realize the program of affordable housing which provides allocation of 500 million hryvnias on implementation of pilot projects on construction of affordable housing during preparation of changes in the state budget-2008, expenses on housing construction of not less than 0,5% of gross domestic product in the budget of 2009.

Also the program provides preparation of the bill of an alienation ban during certain time of the housing received with the participation of the state support.

The Cabinet of Ministers has to unite existing state housing programmes in the new state program of construction and providing with office housing of the citizens working in state institutions and the organizations.

The president also noted need of unification of the principles of granting office housing to all categories of employees, in particular, granting such housing only after a certain term of work (2-3 years), a ban on transfer of office housing in property of the employee, loss of the right for rent of office housing in case of dismissal, buying of repayment of housing only after 15-20 years of work.

Thus the government has to determine one main manager of means by the budgetary programs for construction and acquisition of housing and to create the uniform state registry of the citizens needing improvement of living conditions, and uniform system of their account.

The president asks the prime minister to inform on results till October 1.


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