Vadim Novinsky will build deep-water port in the Nikolaev area

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JSC Smart-holding intends to invest more than 1,551 billion euro in the project on construction of the deep-water port largest on the Black Sea on the basis of JSC Ochakov Port (The Nikolaev Region), the director general of the company Alexey Pertin reported during the first corporate conference of "Values and Purposes, Present and Future" holding which is taking place on September 3-4 in Kiev.

According to the finance director of the project Sergey Savinkov, for construction of deep-water port on the basis of JSC Ochakov Port it is necessary more than 1,551 billion euro. At the first stage the amount of financing at the level of 824,984 million euros is supposed, in particular 494,743 million euros, for a container complex will be directed on a transshipment complex of coal and ore - 229,508 million euros, for a transshipment grain complex - 118,733 million euros.

On the second stage it is planned to direct to 708,468 million euros, including for a transshipment complex of coal and ore - 168,359 million euros, for a container complex - 515,131 million euros, for a transshipment grain complex - 24,977 million euros.

"In the long term in 2012 it is supposed to process 456 vessels, in 2017 - m - 870. Thus at the first stage (in 2012) it is planned to process 12 million tons of freights, including 1 million tons of being coked coals, 5 million tons of iron ore raw materials, 1 million tons of grain and 5 million tons in containers, at the second stage (2017) - 41 million tons of freights, including 5 million tons of being coked coals, 13 million tons of ZhRS, 3 million tons of grain and 20 million tons in containers", - the finance director of the project stated.

Expected profit upon termination of the project - 206 million euros at the expense of transshipment cargo operation, 22,5 million euros - from port collecting and 10 million euros from services in the constructed railway branches. Thus authors of the project emphasized that the profit paid off without recent increases of tariffs in ports.

The finance director of the project also reported that there is a number of the companies interested in joint to implementation of the project, having reminded that in Ukraine there is no deep-water port, except Youzhny port therefore there is an urgent need in new deep-water port.

On presentation also it was reported that this project got approval in the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine and now is under consideration of the Cabinet.

As it was reported, the Ochakov port is supposed to be deepened to 15-17 m, to construct the terminal on transfer and storage of iron ore with an estimated power of 15 million tons per year and being coked 5 million tons coal. Besides, it is supposed to create the terminal on transfer and storage grain 5 million tons and the terminal on transfer of containers (3 million TEU).

The project will demand an alluvium of 40 hectares of the territory, construction of nearly 75 km of the railroads, 50 km of highways. Costs of creation of infrastructure will make not less than 500 million dollars. Besides, more than the equipment connected with operation of terminals of port will cost 1 billion euro.

Experts count that the new port will appear in three years.

"Ochakov port" is intended for processing of cargo and passenger-and-freight vessels, the organization of ferry communication for transportation of wheel equipment and heavy-load cars. The port is located on Dnepro - the Bugsky estuary in the Nikolaev area on North - east suburb of Ochakovo.

The port was created by the Dneprbugvodstroy enterprise for service of construction of a dam which had to block Dnepro - the Bugsky estuary, but wasn't constructed. After privatization of "Dneprbugvodstroy" JSC Ochakov Port was created. Since January, 1999 the port is open by the order of the Cabinet of Ukraine for calling of not military foreign vessels, sports and walking yachts.

The water area of port of 12,2 hectares is protected by wave protection constructions with a total length of 820 m. The vessels arriving to Ochakov port, pass part of BDLK equal of 8,6 miles and the approach channel to port. Approach to port the channel has length of 2,7 miles, width of 110 m

The territory of cargo moorings of Ochakov port makes 8 hectares, the total length of the mooring line - 726 m. Moorings for general freights No. 1, No. 2, with a total length of 338 m, the mooring for bulk cargoes No. 3 110 m long allow to accept now vessels with an osadka of 4,5 m through passage. The mooring No. 4 for parking of yachts - 158 m, mooring depth - 3,5 m.The mooring No. 5 for parking of lighters - 120 m, mooring depth - 4 m

The port has warehouse: warehouse of temporary storage - 8,8 thousand cbm. a warehouse No. 2 - 11 thousand cbm. Design throughput a deposit - 5,5 m. The area of temporary storage of freights in stacks - 30 thousand sq.m

Distance from Ochakovo to Odessa - 130 km. The railroad in Ochakovo is absent. To the nearest station (Nikolaev) - 75 km.

As it was reported, now the most deep-water port in Ukraine is the sea trade port "Youzhny" (depth of the approach channel - 15,5 m, depths at moorings - 14-15,5).

JSC Smart-holding created in December, 2006, indirectly owns assets in is mountain - a metallurgical complex (being the shareholder of Metinvest group), and also JSC Balaklavsky Mine Administration (Sevastopol) directly operates. Within the scope of interests "The smart - holding" also is fallen by assets in mechanical engineering (JSC Dnepropress, JSC Kherson Shipbuilding Plant), agrarian sector (Veres group of companies, JSC Agrokombinat Kalita and JSC Kalitnyansky Experimental Plant of Compound Feeds and Premixes), the sphere of real estate (JSC Eugene).

The president and the main beneficiary "The smart - holding" is Vadim Novinsky.


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