Split already and in basketball Ukrainian: such Europe yet didn't see

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The conflict in the Ukrainian basketball reached the apogee and such result undesirable to all fans. The most pessimistic hearings about destiny of our championship came true - the neogenic Ukrainian Basketball League (UBL) everything is will hold separate of the Federation of Basketball of Ukraine (FBU) and the Superleague the championship. Such in Europe yet didn't see...


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Opposition of UBL And FBU arose first of all in a limit question on legionaries - UBL insisted on obligatory presence on a platform of one Ukrainian, FBU acted against. However and before the reasons for split sufficed with interest: according to representatives of the "broken-away" clubs, in the last two years FBU didn't realize practically any of the promised reforms, indulging needs of leaders of superiority - "Kiev" and "Azovmash" more and more. Besides, heads of some clubs didn't accept reserved financial policy of federation.

The superleague in which there were eight teams, will play by rules FBU. There on - former will play two best Ukrainian clubs - "Kiev" and "Azovmash" which will receive lawful permits in Euro cups.

The broken-away clubs (UBL) intend to hold the championship by rules new to Ukraine. The calendar of the championship which will pass in 6 circles (everyone will play with everyone on 3 matches of the house and 3 on departure) is already made. In total it will turn out on 42 duels on team, without ply - офф (series to 3 and 4 victories) and UBL Cup. It was planned to enter "ceilings" of budgets for teams, however in this season similar idea refused. UBL also conducts negotiations with FBU on attraction to arbitration of the UBL championship of the Ukrainian arbitrators. Competitions start on October 3.

Meanwhile the European basketball federation (FIBA) didn't state the position on this situation, but it is precisely known that "Polyequipment - Galichina" and "Cherkassk Mavpy" will act in FIBA Cup. And here in the future UBL clubs should forget about Euro cups. However, according to the director of the UBL championship Sergey Melnikov, UBL clubs are ready to offer the next euroseason.

Organizers of the new championship promise to attract the next year in new structure all leading clubs of Ukraine, however whether to happen it, and whether the UBL championship without "Azvomash" and "Kiev" will be able to compete with the Superleague - now an open question. Thus, in Ukraine the global basketball experiment, which result begins while nobody undertakes to predict.


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