Even if in Nikolaev will construct waste recycling plant, the range of TBO will function?

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Construction of waste recycling plant is today one of the investment projects most demanded in Nikolaev. Search of the most acceptable both for the city, and for the investor of the project is conducted by the city power long ago. Some plants with various technology of utilization of garbage already even passed public hearings, and one was submitted for session of city council for preliminary consideration of a location of such object. But any project wasn't recognized as the optimum. One companies suggested the city to buy technology and the equipment, others were ready to build the enterprises on share conditions with the city budget or with participation of the private capital offered by the power. Technologies of utilization were disputable also. Any of projects in full didn't suit city council.

As reports a press - housing and communal services department service, in 2008 there were new interested persons and the companies, ready to offer essentially new projects for Nikolaev. Presentation of two of them - JSC Eko-Planeta and JSC Eko-Soyuz already took place this summer. Two more enterprises - JSC Grinko and JSC Ukreko MPK - are ready to offer the services in the market of collecting and TBO utilization.

Nikolaev appeared "the desired bride" for so solid grooms.To choose the worthy candidate for the reliable union, the working group which part representatives of a depuy corps, state administrations of environmental protection, housing and communal services department, management of use and development of municipal property, financial management, SES, teachers of higher education institutions, experts in the field of technologies of recycling and ecology were was created.

Task of the working group collected on the order of the mayor, - to discuss each offer and, proceeding from criteria of an assessment, to choose the most acceptable.

At the first meeting which has taken place in August, the deputy of the mayor, the director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov acquainted criteria present with the table according to which it is offered to estimate projects.

Victor Burov, the chairman of the deputy commission on questions housing and communal services, suggested to study each project in the light of interaction with the new scheme sanitary city sedums. He emphasized that is desirable that considered complexes and services were adapted for local conditions and programs of improvement of Nikolaev. Besides, Victor Aleksandrovich noted that adoption of this or that project or several at once have to provide observance of the antitrust law, i.e. the monopoly of one enterprise for reception and garbage removal shouldn't be created.

Pyotr Zibrov suggested to divide the working group into subgroups in the directions: ecology, economy, binding to the scheme of sanitary cleaning of the city.

After discussion of all offers, was decided to charge to specialists in each of these directions to add the table of criteria and to consider them at the following meeting on September 10.

Work of the working group is carried out with process of reduction of the city range of TBO according to standards of the content of similar objects. Even if in the next few years one of projects will be realized, the range will function and further. The main thing is to ensure safety of its operation.


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