The commission of parliament insists on Dobkin and Kernes's removal and re-elections in Kharkov

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Members of the Temporary Commission of Inquiry (TCI) of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine concerning investigation of circumstances concerning the facts of violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, laws in the sphere of the tariff, property, land, budgetary and financial relations the Kharkov city chairman Mikhail Dobkin and the secretary of the Kharkov city council Gennady Kernes at execution of official duties by them drew a conclusion on need of carrying out early elections of the Kharkov mayor and the City Council.

As they say in the statement of the commission transferred to agency of the UNIAN, such conclusion is drawn on the basis of materials available for VSK and BP Committee conclusions concerning the state construction and local government.

Besides, in the statement it is said that following the results of yesterday's meeting of the Commission decisions were made:
- in a type of information of VSK to publish the report in the Golos Ukrainy newspaper;
- to involve VSK on one representative from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine and SBU;
- on the basis of received information from representatives of power departments to direct the appeal to Head department of Public service of Ukraine with a request to check the facts specified in materials concerning violation of the oath of the civil servant by G. Kernes;
- to direct the appeal to the Supreme council of justice, Judicial council, the Supreme Court of Ukraine and BP Committee concerning legal policy concerning check of legality of acceptance of a number of decisions;
- to recall the representative of VSK, the People's Deputy Oleg Gaiman for participation in exit meeting of BP Committee on fight against organized crime and corruption in Kharkov;
- to consider in work information and BP Committee conclusions concerning the state construction and local government;

At the same time in the statement it is spoken:"The commission didn't manage to consider materials available at its order which testify to corruption communications of persons involved in investigation with a number of People's Deputies of Ukraine, representatives of the judicial case, and also the high-ranking officials of system of executive power. These materials will be considered at the following meeting of VSK".

Besides, in the statement it is emphasized that deputies also being present at meeting could be convinced of objectivity of the investigation, the received conclusions and the made decisions from Party of Regions, in particular the vice-chairman of BP Committee concerning legislative ensuring law-enforcement activity Dmitry Shentsev from whom "it wasn't stated remarks on one of discussed questions".

Also it is emphasized that meeting of the Commission and adoption of its decisions took place with accurate observance of the principle of quorum as five People's Deputies legally participated in Commission decision-making from nine. It is thus explained that the People's Deputy Nikolay Katerinchuk "was beforehand acquainted with materials and the draft of decisions, sent the written notice to the commission about that the commission included its voice in support of each of decision points", the corresponding procedures of that were issued in accordance with the established procedure.

Also it is reported that "now, the Commission resolves an issue of transfer for check in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SBU and prosecutor's office of Ukraine of materials which can testify to communications of the member of the commission, the People's Deputy Vasily Gritsak with persons involved in investigation and to his personal interest in discredit of results of work of the Commission".

As a whole authors of the statement express confidence that VSK will productively finish the begun work.


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