Head coach of IFC "Nikolaev" Vyacheslav Mazarati: "Our players weren't mistaken in this championship"

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Soccer. Second league. "The Carpathians-2" - IFC "Nikolaev" - 1:1

Before game

The history of relationship between IFC "Nikolaev" and "the Carpathians-2" totals six matches. All of them took place at the level of the first league during the period from 2001 to 2004. On the account of the Nikolaev team - three victories, Lvov - two. Among the football players hammering balls in these meetings, from the rival "brewer" Onisko and Veprik later acting in IFC "Nikolaev", from our party - the player of a national team of Azerbaijan Chertoganov appear one of the best goal-scorers of the last championships in the first league.

After a departure from the first league in front of "the Carpathians-2" concrete tournament tasks don't put and, it is visible therefore, from year to year the team acts everything worse and worse - the third, fifth, eighth, fifteenth places. The main thing for it, as well as for a double - to train players for the main structure.

To Lviv IFC "Nikolaev" went late at night on Thursday. In its structure there was no Vasin disqualified for search of yellow cards.


Attendance: On September 5, SKA stadium, +25, 100 viewers.
Arbitrators: P. Chizhevsky (Kiev), A. Papirovich, V. Papirovich (both are Khmelnytsky), Yu. Karpyak (Lviv).
Delegate of FFU: V. Koshura (Chernovtsy).
Preventions: Veliyev (25'), Girsky (50'), Irtyshchev (59'), Kirik (78'), Levchuk (85').
Removal: Matyushov (61')
Goals: 0:1 - Curve (51'), 1:1 - Gudyma (66').

3Girsky14Pukhta (46')
19ZADOROZHNY (64')13Curve
16Gudyma18Marinenko (72')
11Levchuk22Wolves (90+2')
8Mikheyev (74')11Bulls (63')
1 14 5 10 18 15 9Bowls Grinishin Pidvirny Smalyukh Bilovus (64') Fostyak Denis (74')1 17 10 9 21 20 2Rysan Sheremet (90+2') Migal (63') Irtyshchev (46') Eremenko Andreyev (72') Bunyak
The head coach -
The head coach -
Vyacheslav MAZARATI

The Nikolaev team from first minutes applied the usual exit model. In defense all approaches to gate were blocked, and ahead calculation became on unexpected counterattacks and mistakes of the rival. Therefore football players "the Carpathians-2" without special resistance seized an initiative and tried to loosen protective lines of IFC "Nikolaev".

But the first moment which can be carried to goal, nevertheless guests created. On 9-й Matyushov from a turn struck to minute blow from the area penalty line, but the goalkeeper Martyshchuk was ready to it. To Lvovyana could cause a stir on 19-й to minute. The ball after Levchuk's blow from 25 meters got to a crossbeam, then to the head to Lavrentsov. Our goalkeeper managed to be developed and defend gate.

The following attack "the Carpathians-2" also bore threat. Zadorozhny beat Kirik, but from a good position punched near a bar. Then Lavrentsov in a jump transferred to corner distant kick the Homeland. Soon our captain caught a ball which Gudyma a bottom sent to the purpose. Closer to a break owners didn't use one more moment which with good reason can be carried to the absolute.Zadorozhny brought Gudyma to appointment to Lavrentsov - the forward forwarded a ball not only by the goalkeeper, but also by gate.

And what guests? Twice Marinenko tried to hit the target - in both episodes the ball didn't get even to "frame".

The second time began attacks of owners. On 48-й to minute Zadorozhnego's distant blow almost came to the end with a goal. Lavrentsov unsuccessfully returned a ball, and Levchuk who was nearby didn't manage to transport it to destination.
The first appearance of the Nikolaev players on approaches to gate of the rival came to the end with a goal. Girsky violated rules, Marinenko from a penalty hung and to the Curve heading transported a ball to a far corner. 0:1!

Players "the Carpathians-2" at once started recouping and Gudym published struck blow over a crossbeam. And soon the arbitrator for a rough tackle in fight against Rodin removed from Matyushov's field. Now the Nikolaev team already completely concentrated on protection of the gate. However passed only five minutes and owners evened the score. Break on the right edge came to the end with transfer to a penalty area where Gudyma left without supervision struck to a descent blow under a crossbeam. 1:1.

Before the termination of a match there was more many time. Guests forward didn't go, they didn't allow to come to a shock position and to the rival. To Lvovyana tried to hammer from a distant distance, but the ball after blows of Choby and Shevchuk became Lavrentsov's easy mark. The only successful break in Denis's penalty area also came to the end in favor of the Nikolaev goalkeeper.

After game

Head coach of IFC "Nikolaev" Vyacheslav Mazarati:
- With actions of the wards it isn't satisfied. Today they showed, perhaps, the weakest game in the present championship. Even in the first match with "Arsenal" the team looked better. It is a lot of mistakes, even in those situations when wasn't near the rival. Removal which finally everything destroyed had a great impact also. After that football players began to play on deduction and about creative actions there was no speech even.

Review of round

The match in Cherkassy called the sole leader of the championship. And the winner was defined only on 82-й to minute when Dremlyuk struck "Arsenal" gate. "Bastion" with which the IFC "Nikolaev" is necessary a meeting in the following round, appeared a tough nut and deprived of points applying for increase in a class Vinnytsia "Field". CSKA with great difficulty beat the outsider "Unity".Not easy the victory and Ternopol "Field" which only on a meeting outcome finally inclined a bowl of scales in own favor got.

8-й round. On September 5 (Thursday)
Veres - Ros - 0:0
On September 5 (Friday)
Dnepr - Arsenal - 1:0
CSKA - Unity - 2:1
T field. - Оболонь-2 - 3:1
Bastion - V.'s Field - 0:0
Gum-2 - FC of Korosten - 0:0
Reigning-2 - Nafky - 1:2
Podolia - Bukovina - 0:1

Group AAndInNПMAbout
2V.'S FIELD862011:220
6T FIELD.843112:615
7IFC NIKOLAEV84317:415
10FC KOROSTEN82336:109
17OBOLON - 281164:164

9-й round. On September 9 (Tuesday)

I grew - the Carpathians-2

On September 10 (Wednesday)

Arsenal - CSKA

Field In - Desna-2

On September 12 (Friday)

Bukovina - Reigning-2

Оболонь-2 - Podolia

FC of Korosten - Dnepr

IFC Nikolaev - Bastion

On September 13 (Saturday)

Unity - the Field of T

Nafk - Veres


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