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Source: uadaily.net

After Raisa Bogatyreva's exception of fraction and a turn of Party of Regions towards BYuT, Rinat Akhmetov and Victor Yanukovych's relations finally deteriorated. Moreover, Rinat Leonidovich's group began open information campaign against individuals in party.

So, "the right hand" Rinat Akhmetov Boris Kolesnikov didn't stop on is greased - negative comments concerning Bogatyreva's exception. A bit later, in interview to "Observer" it very roughly and unprecedentedly openly ran over colleagues on party. In particular, on Dmitry Tabachnik, Vitaly Homutinnik and Anatoly Kinakh. In his opinion, on these people also there are questions. Tabachnik was called "the budgetary thief" and "embezzler of public funds".

That is, actually, Rinat Akhmetov's group considers necessary to declare open information war to Victor Yanukovych and Andrey Klyuev's group, undermining and so not resistant inner-party balance. Than it will end for "is white - blue" as a whole it is possible to present only. Some of very curious factors attract attention.

In - the first, on the eve of early elections open war can "halloo" to Rinat's group. After all for lists, most likely, Klyuev will be responsible. It will be helped by Levochkin. Running into their creatures it is possible to reduce the representation in part of the list through passage. It at Rinat Leonidovich perfectly understand. Understand, but nevertheless prefer "to go on formal terms". Due to this simple thought and the conclusion arises: instead of whether gather in this group specially completely to disorganize party, having initiated the internal conflict? After all it would be very favorable to Rinat Akhmetov's present allies in the person of Yushchenko.

In - the second, all this occurs against coalition arrangement of BYuT and so forth Yulia Timoshenko threatens Yushchenko with impeachment and brags of 400 voices which will suffice for Constitution change. In the same time, in allied party Rinat Akhmetov supporting Bank, inflates the conflict, showing that 400 voices of BYuT+PR+KPU can not gather. After all its group controls about 40% of deputies in the second-large fraction.

In - the third, in this context it is perfect on - to another hearings about withdrawal from Victor Yanukovych's policy look. If it is valid so (and this information is confirmed by several high-ranking independent sources), now in PR elementary race for power on the eve of change of the leader is observed. Klyuev wants to exsanguinate Akhmetov. Rinat Leonidovich in reply is going to smear brothers - industrialists on a wall. Yanukovych doesn't interfere and thinks of church and high, than of policy more.

The most important conclusion which it turns out by results of supervision of this small party that Rinat Akhmetov's group of 100% will display now eggs in different baskets. So the Uniform center was lucky. It, obviously, will get support and financing. Emergence the akhmetovskikh of creatures in the most unexpected parties is also possible, beginning from KPU, finishing NU and BL. Akhmetov can "spit" and leave policy. The only question which can hold it on a post of the deputy is a parliamentary immunity. Don't give after all God, Yulia Vladimirovna will come to the power …


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