BYuT: Victor Yushchenko - the main responsible for events in parliament

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On September 6, 2008 the briefing of the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the head of the Nikolaev regional council of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, the member of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada on fight against organized crime and corruption Roman Zabzalyuk took place.

The briefing was devoted to a situation which consisted in parliament, namely to signing by NUNS fraction of the statement for an exit of the democratic coalition. According to Roman Zabzalyuk, the fraction accepted this irresponsible step under the most severe pressure from Bank, thereby having violated conditions of the Coalition contract. BYuT fraction considers this decision as the treachery planned in corridors of Presidential Administration. Roman Zabzalyuk declared that Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc has all bases to consider Victor Yushchenko as responsible for destruction of the democratic coalition in the Verkhovna Rada. During implementation of this plan, the President long sought to take NUNS fraction under rigid control, having turned it into the obedient tool of the personal ambitions.

However from a crisis situation Roman Zabzalyuk considers as the main exit continuation of existence of the coalition. "Despite all unfriendly actions of partners in a demkoalition, the position of BYuT remains consecutive and invariable - to work only in interests of all people. And we, remaining true to the principles, we are ready not only to accept back in ranks of the coalition of representatives of NUNS, but also to consolidate efforts of all fractions of the Verkhovna Rada" - Roman Zabzalyuk declared at a briefing. According to him, for achievement of this purpose some changes and even reformatting of democratic forces have to be carried out.


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