Arseny Yatsenyuk: "I don't see on the basis of what idea the coalition between BYuT and PR"

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About it it зявил during yesterday's interview to the ICTV channel. He noted that between these political to forces it is a lot of distinctions, пр than essential. So BYuT is "orange" party which stood on the Maidan and in those days was at war against Yanukovych. In - the second each of leaders of these parties applies for the first violin, a role and won't want to be the second. In the third majority of deputies from these parties are in euphoria, but then they will act against.

On a question of the journalist of that under aegis "The East - the West together" Yatsenkyuk answered with idea of association of these forces that it is the good fairy tale. To people it will be difficult обяснить why they have to will unite. In view of all this Yatsenyuk predicts that the new coalition will stretch not long. Besides it remains and counts that the old coalition everything is will revive, but the decision remains for the main political players.

What further перспетктивы according to the speaker at the coalition, at the country. Arseniy Yatsenyuk noted that сегодян all parties have time to the 13th to think and make the decision which has to lead or to revival of the old coalition, or to creation of the new coalition, or to vneocherdny parliamentary elections.

Concerning himself, the speaker told that in case of creation of the new coalition as a part of BYuT and PR, he won't be the speaker as PR is the political competitor though thus it has rather good relations at personal level in this party.


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