Naftogaz of Ukraine" suggested "Gazprom" to divide "underground" gas

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I told the high-ranking source in the Russian gas monopoly about it.

Thus, to "Naftogaz" 7 billion cubic meter, and the Gazprom sbyt Ukraine companies ("daughter" of "Gazprom") and to Dmitry Firtash and Ivan Fursin's structures - 3,5 billion cubic meter of gas have to depart. "After "Naftogaz" will divide UGE gas between shareholders, it will owe nothing to the company and even will be able to receive in addition 1 billion cubic meter of gas", - the member of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada on energy industry Oleg Zarubinsky emphasized.

We will remind, in March "Naftogaz" demanded from "Gazprom" to pass to direct contracts on supply of gas, but "Gazprom" continues to deliver gas to Ukraine through the Swiss RosUkrEnergo (RUE). It ignores NAK requirements, reasoning it existence its debt before "Ukrgaz - Power" of $1,8 billion UGE, in turn, the similar debt to RUE, and the Swiss company - has to "Gazprom". The debt of "Naftogaz" to UGE arose from - that the company selected 6 billion cubic meter of gas belonging to UGE from the underground gas storages, but didn't pay them.

In "Gazprom" reported that will consider "Naftogaz" offer within a week. In NAK and Group DF (operates Dmitry Firtash's assets) NAK refused to make comments on the offer.

According to the partner of Legal Partners law firm of Andrey Domansky, it is legally possible to divide company property only in case of its elimination. "NAK, of course, can pass this decision through meeting of shareholders, but it can be challenged by any shareholder who will be against. For example, Dmitry Firtash", - the partner юрфирмы Astapov Lawyers Igor Cherezov agrees. The offer of NAK bears in itself potential risks for "Gazprom", the director general of the gas-trading company "Olgaz — Investment" Yury Korovin considers. "There is a chance that judicial proceedings concerning UGE gas will begin during a heating season. If judicial arrest is imposed fuel, it will threaten gas supply of the whole regions", - the director of the company "The joint gas group" Daniil Shevelev speaks.

Besides, "Gazprom" can disagree with the offer of "Naftogaz" on political reasons, the analyst of the Russian IK "Brokercreditservice" Maksim Shein believes.He notes that now there is a risk of change of the government, and consequently, and NAK managements. "The new head of the company can have questions to this scheme therefore for "Gazprom" won't make more correctly radical decisions concerning gas of which UGE" disposes, - mister Shein explained.

And mister Korovin is sure that to "Gazprom" and Dmitry Firtash is unprofitable to take away UGE gas and for economic motives. "In fact, to these 'Gazprom' will finally kill the company which quite could work at the Ukrainian market after change of the government of Yulia Timoshenko as the third supplier, having taken away part of sales from same "Naftogaz". Especially as UGE for this purpose have necessary licenses and contract base", - the analyst of IK "Troika Dialog" Valery Nesterov speaks.


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