The Nikolaev zoo noted 30 - the anniversary of life in the new territory

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On September 6, the Nikolaev zoo celebrated anniversary - 30 years on a new place. Also I celebrated widely - the concert program in which young actors took part, competitions and quizes for young nikolayevets, opening of a memorial plate in honor of Ivan Kanayev, celebration of veterans - builders of a zoo.

Certainly, didn't manage and without especially "zooparkovskikh" of actions - the exhibition of portraits of directors of the Nikolaev zoo executed by the artist Sergey Panteleychuk was open, and two open-air cages which reconstruction took place thanks to the Kiyevstar and RUSAL companies are presented.

If to speak about history of the Nikolaev zoo, it began in 1901 when the Nikolaev mayor Nikolay Leontovich organized a private collection which was nationalized in 1918, and N. Leontovich became Gosakvarium's first director (such name our zoo carried then).

In 20-x years at Gosakvarium the zoological department where birds, hoofed animals, predators and monkeys contained was open.

During the Great Patriotic War the Nikolaev zoo remained the only working zoo in the occupied territory of the USSR.

After war in a zoo there were pumas and snow leopards, hyenas and polar bears, and in 1955 the first elephant here lodged, is more exact - Mary's Indian elephant cow. By the end 60-x years the collection of a zoo totaled already more than 200 animal species therefore to be located on the small territory (in Nikolay Leontovich's former estate on a place of the present building of the regional state administration) became unbearable. And in 1968 to a zoo the new territory was allocated.

In 1977 1-й the secretary of regional committee of KPU Vladimir Vaslyaev threw a call on all Nikolaev enterprises: take part in construction of a new zoo. More than 100 enterprises and the city organizations which realized Vladimir Sinebabkin's project responded.Vladimir Mikhaylovich came today to the Nikolaev zoo and was awarded not only the zoo Certificate of honor, but also together with Maria Shalaeva - Certificates of honor of the mayor which were handed over by the deputy mayor Tamila Bugayenko.

Zooparkovtsa invited to a holiday of many builders who enclosed the work in a construction of a new zoo, but, unfortunately, not all could come. But all remembered the kind word and told not one "thanks".

And especially - nowadays to the late chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Ivan Kanayev without whom there would be no zoo (it weekly I held planning meetings with builders and employees of a zoo and very strictly from all I asked) and to Leonid Antonovich Tsukanov who constructed a zoo and I directed it for 20 years. Unexpectedly for the director of a zoo Vladimir Topchego it appeared among those who too was told not one "thanks".

And though Vladimir Nikolaevich tried to curtail quicker speech of the oldest employee of a zoo Valentina Yakunina who listed everything that was made by the present director of a zoo for the child, but she didn't allow and told planned up to the end, after all Vladimir Topchy noted same year 30 - the anniversary of the work in a zoo.

Then for all invited the director of a zoo Vladimir Topchy conducted tour on a zoo. And there each time appears something brand new. For example, recently presented sculpture of a lion of authorship of Inna and Victor Makushinykh (their "Maugli" became the card of the Nikolaev zoo) or three it is dazzling white columns with a figure of an angel above one of them.

But most of all the director of a zoo spoke about two reconstructed open-air cages which residents after reconstruction received a much bigger living space.

A kangaroo enclosure became lighter and transparent thanks to the help of the Kiyevstar company, and at Japanese macaques life became better thanks to cooperation of the RUSAL company with the Nikolaev zoo.

By the way, "RUSAL" cooperates the third year with a zoo in the rebuilding plan of a complex of open-air cages for rare species of primacies, and all "RUSAL" works with a zoo within 7 years.

And in completion of excursion guests took part in opening of an exhibition of portraits of directors of the Nikolaev zoo executed in graphics by Sergey Panteleychuk and also visited pet-shop. And on this moment there is a wish to stop separately.

According to S. Panteleychuk, it was difficult to work over portraits: photos of the former directors of a zoo - Nikolay Leontovich, Ivan Raspopov, Takhon Rebenk, Fedor Nichikov, Alexey Yavonenko, Alexey Tarasov and Leonid Tsukanov - were different quality, it was necessary "to finish" them by means of knowledge of anatomy.

It is interesting that the photo of one of directors - Tikhon Rebenk (he directed a zoo before most - I didn't remain. Vladimir Topchy, without seeing other exit, I suggested to draw a conditional portrait of this director. But Sergey Panteleychuk disagreed. The artist found the address to which T.Rebenok lived in due time in archives, found there people who remembered what it was, on a description drew the sketch and "approved" it at those who else remembered Tikhon Rebenk.

Though the artist considers that grow most heavy he was given Nikolay Leontovich's portrait. The destiny of the founder and the first director of a zoo was tragic, maybe, it was difficult therefore to draw its portrait.

"It invisibly was present when I drew its portrait. I stopped drawing at 2 o'clock in the morning, exhaled and heard behind the back an exhalation. I suffered, and he suffered. At me after all was Leontovich's two portraits, and when we stopped on what you see, the first, experimental, Vladimir Nikolaevich took away to himself. It is now in its office and everything watches", - S. Panteleychuk speaks.

At an exhibition which took place in the assembly hall, there is no Vladimir Topchego's portrait though the portrait already exists, the artist admitted. And the director of a zoo doesn't hurry emergence of own portrait in this improvised gallery - it still can make a lot of things for the child.


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